Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Traverse Trip Day 3: The One Thing You Really Need for a Road Trip

It’s day two of our trek from Vancouver, BC to San Diego, California, and still we haven’t set a foot inside a restaurant outside of a Starbucks. Before we left I had scoped out every Trader Joe’s on our route and with that in mind, we have stopped and loaded up on provisions during our journey.

Today we each chose a ready made green salad, and then supplemented them with prosciutto, peppery salami, smoked Gouda, a creamy blue, and Morbier. We sat and munched in the shade at a rest stop just outside of Redding in the California sunshine.

<Arugula, pesto vinagrette, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella

Alexis is quickly schooling us on the merits of fine cheeses.


Tracey and Nicole have kept us in wine.

I’ve been the provider of chocolate and the mixer of fresh guacamole.

One item that has really made all of this much easier has been Alexis’ hard cased plug in cooler. We’ve been able to keep our food chilled not only in the car, but we can use it in the hotel rather than one of those pesky hotel fridges that reduce all our food to popsicles. For food revolution style travel it’s been really handy to keep all our food at the right temperature. Alexis has also said that it’s handy at home if your fridge is full and you need a spot to stash some treats-such as when she’s make truffles at Christmas for friends and family.

I need one of those!

You can follow our trip live by following the hashtag #traversetrip on Twitter

Try your math skills and figure out how long it takes us to drive from Sacramento to Los Angeles with Nicole.

Find out what outlets we plan to hit on the way to San Diego tomorrow with Tracey.

Peek over in on Alexis and see her take on today.

Tomorrow we are off to San Diego, Blog Her and will be partying it up over at the Canadian Embassy party with Chevrolet!

Disclosure: the Traverse Trip is sponsored by GM Canada, who lent us a 2011 Chevy Traverse, and paid for our hotels and gas. Everything Mom has sponsored my hotel costs at BlogHer, and Toshiba Canada lent me a netbook to write my blog posts on. I bought my ticket to BlogHer and am paying for my Trader Joe's addiction myself.

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