Thursday, August 18, 2011

He Said, She Said: Kevin and I review the Toshiba NB555D Netbook

Toshiba Netbook

One thing that I don't have which every blogger needs, is a way to stay mobile. To be honest, I'm pretty behind the times when it comes to latest gadgetry, but it's okay. I get by. I had been planning to borrow a laptop for Blogher, but just before I had to go, I was contacted by Toshiba Canada and asked to review the NB555D Netbook.

I've always wondered about netbooks and if they are something I'd be interested in. I've only used laptops, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try something new. I'm not a techy person so this review isn't neccessarily going to be from that perspective, but rather from a blogger on the move one. What did I think, after using it for a week?


According to Toshiba Canada, the NB555D has lots of features packed into a small little space. The specs:

*AMD C Series processor C30 (1.2GHz, 512KB L2 Cache) with AMD PowerNow!™ technology

*1 GB memory

*Genuine Windows® 7 Starter

*Realtek ALC269Q-VB5-GR Software Sound, Intel High Definition Audio, harman/kardon speakers


Having shlepped a large Macbook around at conferences before, I admit the small size was a huge plus. The netbook was far easier to carry around and lighter than other laptops. It was the perfect size when we were on the go in the car and I needed to do some work.

I like the keyboard. It's not too small, and the keys seem compact and easy for me to type on. The trackpad was great-I hate some trackpads that are ridiculously sensitive, but this one worked just fine.

The battery had a long life, and I love the sleep and charge feature. This was really handy in the car while we were tweeting through the mobile wifi, and I wanted to re-charge my iPod touch.

I also really liked the built in memory card reader, which was a huge help on the road and getting photos uploaded on the go.


It was slooooooow. With only 1 G of ram, I couldn't work the way I'm used to, which is having blogger, twitter, flickr, and mail all open at once. If I just used Word, things were okay. Shutting down seemed to take forever and more than once I thought it was shut down, only to find out later that it wasn't and the battery had drained the whole night.

If I had too many things open, it crashed. Now granted, one can't expect a little netbook to have the same speed as a laptop, as they aren't the same thing. In a world where speed and efficiency is everything when it comes to technology, slow is not good. People get really frustrated.


For a kid just starting out with a laptop who only needs one for word processing, I think that this netbook would be good. If you are only using it for very light surfing and some writing, it would be fine. It would be a great, inexpensive option for a middle school student to have since personal laptops at school tend to take a beating.

However, for the more serious user I'd definitely add more memory so that you really can have the best experience possible. The netbook itself has lots of features and is a great piece of equipment, but with Windows 7 taking up most of the useable memory, it's hard to really get the best experience out of it.

Want a more techy review? Kevin will walk you through the netbook and give you all the details!

Disclosure: Toshiba did not pay me for this review, they loaned me the netbook for a week and I sent it back when I was finished. It was very helpful as I needed something to make me mobile at Blogher!

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