Thursday, August 18, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: Robert's Creek Garden Gate Market

In an effort to seek out more sustainable, farm produced items in our area, Kevin and I decided to pay a visit to the Robert's Creek Garden Gate market yesterday. It was our first time at the event, and boy were we in for a treat!

The Garden Gate Market is held every Wednesday, from 3pm-6pm, at the Robert's Creek Hall. Unlike other markets on the Coast, this one features food only-which is wonderful for those of us looking for fresh, locally produced items without having to travel to Vancouver to find them. We found eggs, farm raised chicken, loads of produce, some home made pastas and jams, and more. The market is very small, but it's reflective of the size of the community. I had the sense that to get the good stuff, you really need to get there early because I'm sure a lot of things sell out quickly.

Much to our delight, Curry in the Creek was there, creating mouthwatering dosas for everyone to enjoy!

Cook the dosa like a crepe...

First she made a crepe...

Overheard from someone nearby watching the food being made: " Wow, that's like a galaxy, man. It's, like, cosmic food."

Fill it with curried potatoes...

Then filled it with curried potatoes....

Can I have a bite?

The finished dish. Kevin was getting impatient as I made him stop eating so I could snap a photo.

When we finished our dosa, we wandered around and looked at all the delicious offerings. I made a mental note to hold off on the weekend when I grocery shop so that I could visit the Garden Gate again and load up on fresh produce.

Salsa Verde Kit

I love this idea! Fresh tomatillos are hard to find at the grocery store here, so to get some right at the market is a great idea.

Cherry Tomatoes

The cherry tomatoes were gorgeous, too.

Where will we go next? There's a farmer's market in Sechelt on Saturdays, so hopefully we'll be able to make it out there soon. Also, we scored a local food directory that lists all the local farms and such so we are going to make an attempt to visit a bunch and share them with you!

See my flickr set from the market.

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