Friday, July 29, 2011

You Need A Moody Bee! (Great 2 for 1 deal Happening!)

Taking a break in the traveling here to let you all in on a deal going on over at Moody Bee. What's Moody Bee, you ask?

It's the best beeswax lip balm EVER. Seriously. I don't get paid to say that either, I do because I sincerely love it. I swear, I have one in every coat pocket. Whenever I have had dry lips, I use it and in no time my lips are all soft and back to normal. I swear by it on motorcycle trips, on trips to the desert, and just any time that I need lip balm. In fact I wear it instead of lipstick a lot of the time. Don't just take my word for it, there's also a review here.

Krista and Randy Moody live in Kimberly, BC and run a beekeeping operation. While he tends to the bees, she makes lip balm. I buy the lip balm at my local market, but you can also head on over to their online store and buy some. The prices include shipping and from now until July 31st, you will get 2 for 1. Meaning, if you buy 3 lip balms you'll get 6, etc.

I love them because they make a great stocking stuffer or treat to tuck into envelopes for friends, and as far as I'm concerned you can never have too many. Plus that vanilla peppermint flavor is just THE BEST.

Want to know if you can just buy it in store? Look here.

Hurry though, 2 for one is a great deal, and it won't last long. At these prices it's cheaper online than in stores, so off you go! Stock up! You can order from Canada or the USA, too and the prices include shipping. Wheee!

Disclosure: Krista asked if I'd share this all with you. She is giving me some free lip balm, but in all honesty I would've done it regardless. I love the product that much.

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