Saturday, July 30, 2011

We're crazy! Motorcycles and BlogHer, oh MY!

Redwoods from the Back of a Motorcycle

Or rather, John is crazy. We arrived home, spent three whole days doing laundry and unpacking, only to pack up the motorcycle and take off to California for six days. By motorbike.

Now, I've been schooled in the ways of touring on a "touring bike", so I can share with you.

First, it's all about the road. How many hours you can spend on the road. Which for me, meant an aching butt by the end, and thinking, "Oh my LORD do we really need to ride another 8 hours today? Really?" In six days, this was our route:

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That's a lot of driving. And food revolution? There is no way to carry food on a motorcycle. You just can't. So, we ate in restaurants for a week. I've learned a few things about eating in restaurants.

a) always ask how big the item is going to be, that way you aren't going to be surprised

b) most places will allow you to get 1/2 sandwich with salad, which we often opted for

c) sharing is always good

d) The Black Bear diner will allow you to change things around and get fruit instead of fries, because they are just awesome

e) I am in love with John Barleycorns in Portland, Oregon. They made me the very best cold turkey sandwich ever of my entire trip. It was loud and kinda slow, and I was ready to fall asleep on the table, but the sandwich made up for it. Oh, yum.

We wound through roads with towering redwoods, roared over the Golden Gate bridge, and sweated our way through the Napa Valley. All we did was eat, sleep, and ride the motorcycle.

On that note, I've been home for a week and now I'm gearing up for another trip-one that's completely different from anything else I've done here, and that you will get to come with me LIVE.

Live? I've never done that before, right? Well this time I am. I'm leaving with three lovely ladies for San Diego and BlogHer on Monday, and bringing you with me. All the driving, the hotels, the eats, the parties, the great sessions-you are going to see it all between August 1-10th.

Alexis already wrote a post. So Did Tracey and Nicole. I pick up the Traverse today, pack her up, drive her around (I can't wait to check out this pretty car), and then head out on Monday.

You guys ready for some non stop fun?

Let's roll!

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