Sunday, July 31, 2011

Traverse Trip to BlogHer 2011: Meet the Traverse!

I have a lovely Chevrolet Traverse sitting in my driveway. It's blue, and shiny, has lovely leather seats and everything one could possibly want in a car, and I just want to curl up in it and claim it as my own.

Oh, wait. I am kind of doing that this week, aren't I?

Things kicked off yesterday with Kevin and I picking up the Traverse in Burnaby at Carter GM and bringing it home so I can pack that baby up.

You see, I live on the Sunshine Coast, which is a 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver. I couldn't take my car and leave it at the dealership, because Hubs needs it. I also couldn't schlep all my stuff via ferry and transit, because that would just be impossible.

The solution? We trekked over on the ferry, Nicole picked us up, and together we drove out to Burnaby to get the car. It was a little surreal, really. I'll admit, initially upon pulling out of the parking lot, I almost began to hyperventilate in all that new car smell.

Pretty car. Nice car. BIG car.

You see, I've usually only driven small cars, and the Traverse is far bigger than I'm used to. I had nothing to worry about though, because this baby was so easy to drive. I love the 'blind spot' mirrors, all the windows, and how it's so easy to handle. Before you know it, I was driving it like a pro. We even glowered at people whose doors got a little too close for comfort while we waited for the ferry.

Playing Angry Birds, angry birds

Kevin decided to pass the time by playing Angry Birds.

2011 Chevy Traverse, BlogHer, BlogHer 2011, General Motors

Finally, home! It's so pretty! Can I keep it? We have voted to name the car George, and are all itching to drive it. You are going to get to follow us LIVE as we tweet and blog our way down the I-5 to San Diego and back over the next week. Who are my traveling companions?

Alexis (@alexishinde) from Wave the Stick: She's taking care of music and entertainment. Plus she has a super cool plug in cooler that hopefully won't freeze our food like those pesky hotel fridges.

Nicole (@nicole013), from Resolving Timeline Issues. I swear the woman has a computer store of her own, because every single little gadget, do-dad, techy item we need, she has ten of.

Tracey (@tjrossignol), from Fashion Forward 40 and TJR Ramblings is our fashion guide. I hope my clothes pass the test!

I've been named the Director of Noms (thanks Alexis!), meaning that these ladies are trusting me to come up with lunches on the road so we're not stopping for fast food on the way. It doesn't mean that we won't be bringing along a few treats because after all, this is a vacation, and I made some kick ass chocolate chocolate chunk cookies. We need some fun. Do you know that over the past month I have had about THIRTY restaurant meals? Between Food Revolution Road trip and then six days in California by motorcycle, I've been eating on the road a lot.

I'm really tired of bacon. America loves bacon.

To combat my restaurant fatigue, I have scoped out every Trader Joe's between here and San Diego, every Starbucks by the I-5, and planned a lunch menu. Yes, a menu. Each lunch will be photographed and the recipes blogged so you can see where we were, what we ate, and how much fun we're having.

But I digress. Back to George, our lovely chariot to BlogHer.

In the Front, 2011 Chevy Traverse, BlogHer, BlogHer 2011, General Motors

There is so much gadgetry in this car. Some of my favorite things are the front console where you can stash an Ipod and pair of sunglasses, as well as the passenger specific air conditioning controls. I am always colder than Hubs, so I could set my side to a warmer temperature than him! Also, there's a camera in the back of the car so when you are in reverse, an image of what's behind you pops up in the rear view mirror.

Coolest. Thing. EVER. I won't lie. I squealed when I discovered it.

In the Back Seat,2011 Chevy Traverse, BlogHer, BlogHer 2011, General Motors

In the backseat, there's no shortage of entertainment. A DVD player with 10 speaker surround sound, wireless headsets and a remote will keep us entertained, and we also have plenty of places to charge all our gadgets and what not.

Contrary to every other road trip I have taken, this one is not going to be tech free by a long shot. Also, this is the very first road trip I've taken with friends, rather than Hubs and Kevin. To be perfectly honest, I'm not even really concerned about the conference. I'll have the best part right in that gorgeous car for TEN glorious days; three amazing women to share a trip like no other.

San Diego, here we come!

Disclosure: Traverse Trip is sponsored by General Motors Canada, who has very kindly loaned us the car to drive to San Diego and back, has covered the cost of our hotels, gas, and loaned us a mobile wifi unit to take with us. I personally have also had Everything Mom sponsor my hotel at BlogHer since I will be representing them as their Food Editor, and Toshiba loaned me a netbook to review. I'm thrilled to be working with such amazing companies!

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