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I Scream. You Scream. We all Scream for Ice Cream!!

For the months of July and August, Notes From the Cookie Jar is featuring some of my favorite fellow bloggers! This week is Tracey Rossignol. Tracey and I met via Twitter, and then finally in person at Sweet Spot '11, a blogger meet up that was arranged early this year in Vancouver. She is also one of the 3 lovely ladies who are accompanying me in August on Traverse Trip, our wild trek from Vancouver to San Diego sponsored by General Motors! On the way we hope to shop, visit Jamie's kitchen, and eventually find ourselves at BlogHer 2011. You will get to follow along with us live as I blog my way through the stops, the hotels, our adventures finding food (I was designated the food finder, how did that happen?) and all the fun four women can have on a road trip. For now, she's telling you all about ice cream!

I have to admit ice cream is one of my favourite things in the world.When I was a kid there was a Baskin & Robbins near my school in Ottawa.When I was ready for my first job I applied there. Thankfully I got a job at a fabric store instead (for the record my faves are still РJamoca Almond Fudge, Pralines & Cr̬me and Chocolate/Peanut Butter).

A few months ago I started having conversations with Karen about Jamie Oliver’s new season of The Food Revolution. And the video where he talks about what “natural” flavouring includes for some cheaper ice creams.And I have to admit I never ever in my life thought I’d be having conversations about Beaver Anal Glands.But based on those conversations I started researching some of my favourite ice cream and asking if their ice cream included this “natural” flavouring. So far I have had no clear answers.

So I started thinking about making my own ice cream.My husband had an ice cream maker.He has had it since we met 9 years ago.Up until now it had only been used for making frozen drinks. I had visions of cranking at that machine for hours or some messy recipes with salt.Then I read the instructions.Uh…

  • freeze cylinder for at least 7 hours…. it easily fit in our cube freezer in the garage
  • mix your ingredients in a blender… milk, sugar, eggs, fresh strawberries, whipping cream, vanilla (will admit I made the custard version which did require some stirring on the stove and then chilling before mixing it with the blended strawberries)
  • put ingredients into frozen cylinder… stir 3-4 times every 3 minutes until thick about 20 minutes and my 3 year old son does the stirring.
2011-06-06 19.06.52

If I had known it would be that easy I would have started making my own ice cream years ago. It is frankly easier than making a lot of other goodies I make on a regular basis.And it is soooooo goooood.

Now it seems to be a weekly occurrence and Sunday has become ice cream day in our house. We’ve made strawberry with chocolate chunks, banana with walnuts, and French vanilla with toffee/chocolate bits.The only challenge is remembering to re-freeze the cylinder and leaving enough time to make and chill the custard.But all the recipes can be made by skipping the custard and just mixing everything together.

2011-06-06  19.07.07

The cost is also less than buying good quality ice cream in the stores.We’ve used Organic Avalon milk and cream so our quart of ice cream costs about $7-8.Cheaper than a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in Canada, and certainly cheaper than buying ice cream cones.

Now Karen has sent me a decadent mint ice cream recipe, which is based on the salt/shake the mixture with ice method.As soon as I have enough mint the garden you can bet I’ll be adapting that one for my ice cream maker.

And I might want to start looking at those lower fat or frozen yogurt versions soon.

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Tracey Rossignol
is a former 1980s fashionista trying to re-discover her personal style in her 40s. Thankfully the big hair, matching scrunchy socks and hip belts are gone. But where do we go from here? Tracey’s personal style blog Fashion Forward 40 documents her mis-adventures in fashion after 40. She hopes one day she will have the answer on how to balance her love of fashion with motherhood, real life, respect for the environment and gravity.

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