Friday, July 22, 2011

Food Revolution Road Trip11 Day 8: Vegefied

Where we are: Moab, Utah

Plan for the day: Jeep the Gemini bridges, Thompson Canyon, Pucker Pass, and Chicken Corners

Food Revolution Challenge: People's demands DO make a difference and we get to visit one of our favorite restaurants EVER.

Kevin, Gemini Bridges, Moab, Jeep

Our first day in Moab is hot, sunny, and everything we have waited for all year. I've hit my vacation groove now, seamlessly sneaking my sunflower butter down to the breakfast room, with Kevin following with his cereal. We are rocking at making lunches, with the exception of the freezer reducing veggies to Popsicles. We're learned to bypass the pseudo eggs at the breakfast bar, although I really do love the fruit salads offered by Hampton. Thanks Hampton, for not just throwing some rock hard apples and unripe pears in the breakfast bar, or tasteless bananas. The salad with pineapple, melon, and grapes is delicious.

Relaxed, Moab, Utah, Gemini Bridges, Jeep

See? Relaxed. In the vacation zone or what?

On our first day, we do trails we have done before. Gemini Bridges, then off to Thompson Canyon and Pucker pass, a stop at the hotel for lunch because my batteries died and needed to be recharged before we could move on, and then out to Chicken Corners.

It was jeeping madness, I tell you. Hot, crazy, bumpy, jeeping madness.

Lunch was peanut butter and banana sandwiches, because I hadn't made it to the grocery store until later in the day. No matter-we were content with something simple.

Caution, jeeping, Moab, Utah

Take a close look at this sign. I didn't even know Kevin was in the background when I took it.

Later on, I even visit the local City Market and sign up for a card, this time dropping $60 on groceries. I load up on Kashi granola bars, Island Vanilla cereal that Kevin declares the best in the universe, bread, Fage yogurt ($3 a tub!), fruit, and this time I'm smart-the veggies are ones that don't really have to be refrigerated, like cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado. Others are heartier and won't freeze easily, like sweet peppers and carrots. John and Kevin follow me around like two lost puppies, trying to be helpful but becoming easily distracted by all the interesting food on the shelves. So many great things to try! So little time!

I'm relieved that it's easy to find Kashi cereal, and instead of $7 a box like at home, it's a more reasonable $4. The regular cereals all look weird to me, with all the sugar and strange chocolate flavors. Chocolate for breakfast?

The only time the guys make themselves scarce is when I am in the tampon aisle. I turn around and they are nonchalantly trying to look like they are with me, but not really with me, and far enough from the feminine products so nobody will think they are actually buying any.

I'm learning, with this food revolution road trip thing. Moab is a town of active, outdoorsy people and the grocery store is very reflective of that. Restaurants have lots of vegetarian options, and even the local Shell station carries unsalted/unsweetened trail mix. I'm so amazed that I comment to the cashier.

"We keep it because it's what people want," she says. "All the hikers, rock climbers, and cyclists ask for that stuff."

Huh. So what people demand really does make a difference. If they want spray cheese, they get it. If they want healthy trail mix, they get that too.

That evening we visit the Peace Tree for dinner (check them out here on Facebook). The Peace Tree Juice cafe used to be a tiny hole in the wall place that made the best wraps in town, but they have undergone renovations and now have a beautiful sit down area and patio where you can go for not only their signature wraps and smoothies, but a meal and even a glass of wine. When they can, Peace Tree's produce comes from Creekside Lane Organics Farm, which means everything is fresh and local, too. And truly? You can TASTE the difference.

The wraps are the best I've ever eaten. Loaded with veggies, each comes with either a modest portion of Miss Vickie's potato chips or a side salad. I can eat half a wrap and usually save the other half for the next day. Finally! We're not drowning in food! There isn't half a ton of chips on the side! There's fresh, delicious vegetables!

(the clouds part, sun rays dance on our heads, and the angels sing hallelujah)

I order the Thai Chicken wrap, stuffed with tender chicken, noodles, some crunchy bits of something, greens, and more. It's so good that I refuse to share it with Kevin and instead growl that he eat his very own hummus wrap, this delicious piece of goodness is mine, all mine! Even the little slices of cucumber in our side salads are so juicy and tasty we chow them down with wild abandon. Now THIS is good eating. We can't believe our good fortune and although Kevin has sworn by the burgers out at the local brewery every year we have visited Moab, this time he's sold on wraps.

We are ALL sold on wraps. Tasty, fresh, local, vegefied wrappy goodness.

Bring on the veggies!

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