Thursday, July 21, 2011

Food Revolution Road Trip11 Day 7: South Dakota to Utah

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Hubs: "No, don't stop here. Last time they were crazy. Don't you remember?"

It's a gas station just outside of Denver, Colorado but we've already pulled off the highway and I don't want to search for another place to go to the bathroom.

Me: "I remember, and I don't care. I have to pee. Besides, it's good blog fodder. This time I'll bring my camera and capture all the weird signs detailing how much they have to pay for toilet paper, so you have to be a good citizen and buy a chocolate bar."

Once inside, we are disappointed to find that the signs are missing. The place looks, well, friendly. I ask the clerk if the store changed ownership. He says not as far as he knows, and asks why.

"We were here a few years ago and the place had all these creepy signs in the bathroom telling you how much they paid for water, getting a person to clean the bathrooms, and toilet paper. It was weird." Kevin, being a teenager, just blurts out what he's thinking. I blush. The clerk looks downright horrified.

"Um, ya." I giggle nervously. "We almost didn't come back." I pay for 2 chocolate bars and stuff them in my purse.

"We aren't like that! I'm so glad you came back," the clerk shakes his head.

As we leave the store, Kevin leans over and whispers, "But Mom you could see the tape from the signs. Maybe that person got some very much needed medication."

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