Monday, July 25, 2011

Food Revolution Road Trip11 Day 12: Push Button Breakfast

Where we are: Nampa, Idaho and Bend, Oregon

Plan for the day: Drive from here to there

Food Revolution Road Trip Challenge: You'll never believe it. Really.

After our tour through restaurant hell the night before, I was looking forward to a leisurely breakfast. So far our breakfasts had been okay, and this one proved to be no exception. However this time, there was something we'd never seen before at the breakfast bar.

Pancake Maker, Holiday Inn Express, breakfast bar, hotel, Idaho

This, my friends, is an automatic pancake maker. I quizzed the ever helpful breakfast lady to find out how it works. If you pop off the top, there is a bag that looks much like a plastic bag you might have fluid in for an IV at the hospital. The pancake batter comes in a powder in the bag and you add water. Then you clip the bag into place in the top of the maker and close the lid. To get pancakes, you press the button on the front of the machine. The batter bag squeezes out a pre-determined amount onto a conveyer belt inside, which passes through an 'oven' portion to cook the batter evenly, and out the end pops a perfectly cooked pancake.

"People have asked us where they could get one," the breakfast attendant declared proudly, "People what to take them home!"

"But," I couldn't seem to wrap my head around this information. "Pancakes are so easy to make! You know, flour, eggs, milk...? "

"This one makes each one the very same size, and they are all perfectly cooked," she continued. "And best of all, parents could just get their kids to push a button!"

Kevin and I stared at each other, wide eyed. People won't even make a pancake? From a mix? What the hell is WRONG WITH US?!

The attendant continued to tell us why Holiday Inn Express now has pancake makers. Apparently waffle irons are hot, as are microwaves, and the Holiday Inn Express cannot adequately supervise small children around those appliances. Someone might get hurt, so they replaced them all with the pancake makers.

I stand there with my mouth hanging open in disbelief. This is just all kinds of wrong. Parents don't supervise kids, who don't have skills to use something hot because they've never cooked, so they get burned, and parents sue.

So hotels come up with artificial food for breakfast that can be made by pressing a button.

This brings the whole "people have no knowledge of where food comes from" to an entirely new level. Kevin shakes his head sadly.

"This isn't Star Trek where people just go to a wall and ask for something to materialize," he pokes at the machine sadly. "I just don't get it."

I don't even know what to say, because truly?

There just aren't any words, except one.


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