Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Want to Be a McDonalds All Access Mom Blogger

Have you heard? McDonalds and Cityline are teaming up to allow 3 mom bloggers into the super secret world of McDonalds-from the farms where their food comes from, to the back of the restaurants where they prepare it. They say they want to quell the rumors about their food and have mom bloggers see for themselves.

A bunch of bloggers were sent invites to apply for this "opportunity". Huh. I didn't get one, I wonder why?

Could it be that I have blatantly stated I hate McDonald's food? That I firmly believe in cooking from scratch, and support Food Revolution? Or that I'm a blogger who isn't swayed by corporate speak and wants to go with a critical mind, ready to question them about what they do? Obviously no amount of product they send my way is going to entice me to give them a glowing review, because if I went I'd refuse to EAT A THING. On the other hand, it would be very interesting to see the whole corporate fast food machine up close and personal.

No rah-rah here, people. I'm calling it for what it is-greasy, salty, unhealthy food that my generation has been brainwashed into thinking is a rite of passage for childhood.

So here's my video entry-don't worry, I sincerely doubt that it's going to be chosen, which then begs another question. When companies such as McDonalds try to use Mom bloggers for positive PR, why do they only pick the ones who are fans of their product/company, rather than the ones who are not fans and could care less about the products, but would want conversation instead? No amount of traffic, money, or free food could make me change how I feel about fast food-so why not invite some of us who are only interested in the truth?

Now THAT would make for some powerful conversation.

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