Thursday, June 09, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: Have You Eaten a Rainbow?

Last week was a bit of a shmozzle (don't you just love made up words?). Food Revolution was not on Friday, as it appeared to be everywhere else. Instead, it was on Sunday but I had no idea, and I missed it!

Fortunately my readers are the best ever and I had an email telling me when Food Revolution is airing, and I found the episode on YouTube! If you missed it, go ahead and watch. If you've watched and the ice cream demo really disgusted you, I have some amazing ice cream recipes that you must try. (vanilla bean and chocolate, but there's more to come!)

This week, I really want to tell you about my friend Kia's products from Today I Ate a Rainbow. Awhile ago she sent me a pack to check out and I have to tell you how excited I was to see it.


Kids can be picky, and it can be really hard to convince them to eat their fruits and veggies, but why not make it fun? With a cute story, then a chart and some great magnets, you can make healthy eating visual. Each time your child eats part of the rainbow, they put a magnet on the chart.


Having worked with young children as well as special needs kids for years, I love this! What a fantastic way to teach kids their colors, you could use it to learn counting, and incorporate how to identify healthy foods, a veggie safari at your local store, or a trip to the farmer's market. There's even a shopping list! Why not get your child to help you choose a few vegetables or fruits for next grocery day, and then make a rainbow salad or just cut them up and leave them out for your child to try? When Kevin was young he would have loved this product so much, and I'm sure that parents could have so much fun with it.

You should know that I'm not promoting this product because I am being paid, but because in my professional opinion of having worked with kids, I genuinely believe this product would be a great tool to teach your children not only about food, but counting, colors, and their bodies. Kids love it when you make things into a game and keep it fun, which Eating a Rainbow does beautifully.

To get my own family into the Eating a Rainbow spirit, I created a fruit plate with some white chocolate cheesecake dip. Summer is such a great time to load up on produce, and dip entices little people to eat more fruit or veggies. Don't bother buying pre-made dip, make your own!

(You'll find the recipe here)

While you are at it, pop on over to Chasing Tomatoes for a great home made pizza recipe. The kids could help you choose the toppings and then put their magnets on the chart!

fruit dip

Just watch. You'll ALL be eating Rainbows in no time.

(to order a Rainbow pack of your own, check out Kia's site)

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