Friday, June 24, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: Deep Fried Kool Aid, Jamie's Finale, and Food Revolution Road Trip 2011

There is a LOT happening in to tell you about this week, so I'm going bullety!

* Did you see that deep fried Kool Aid is the latest craze? Yes, you heard that right. Deep fried Kool Aid. Charlie “Chicken” Boghosian invented this latest carnival treat, which is described as some sort of punch flavored doughnut.

Let's just say I've been to restaurants in South Dakota that had deep fried Oreos on the menu, and I really do NOT understand. Have you tried one? Would you? They sound so revolting to me. Do you eat carnival food?

*Jamie Oliver's people have issued a baking challenge this week-some really great looking cupcakes with berry glaze! I love baking cupcakes, and will be all over this recipe this weekend. What I love about cupcakes is I can freeze them and take a few out at a time when we need them. For the glaze, what fruit should I use? Cherries are in the stores, but I could get strawberries. What would YOU use?

*Speaking of Food Revolution, the last episode is coming up THIS Friday and Jamie is planning a finale party! When Food Revolution airs June 24 (that's today!) on ABC at 9pm Est, Jamie is going to be tweeting along with the show! (I can't tell you when it will be airing here on the West Coast, because I can't even find it myself. So frustrating. I've watched it at CTV online. I'm told it's on Sundays, but we've been out when it's on)

You can plan yourself your own little finale party, and upload the photos to Facebook. Fun!

*If you didn't see it earlier, I told McDonalds and Cityline I want to be a McDonalds All Access Mom Blogger. Now, my video was too long so that will probably be a problem-but I wanted to put out the challenge. Click on over to see why. What do you think about companies like McDonalds doing PR with Mom bloggers?

*Food Revolution Road Trip is looming on the horizon! We're gearing up for a busy summer-and you'll hear all about it day by day, just like last year! Expect lots of stories as we hunt down real food in South Dakota, Utah, California, and Oregon again this year.

*What's happening in the kitchen? My herb garden is in full swing, and I haven't killed the tomatoes yet. There will be some canning going on as I hunt down some apricots to make jam, and there is all sorts of great content getting prepped to publish throughout July. Get ready for some tasty summer food!

Countdown to summer in my house is...ON.

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