Monday, June 13, 2011

Cookie Crumbs: Lime?

We stood there, behind the ladies and their two children, as they spoke to the girl dishing out ice cream. I was secretly glad we had arrived at Eat Vancouver early because by noon, the expo hall was hopping with people all milling around from vendor to vendor, buying, tasting, chatting, and it was now to the point where there was little elbow room. We had noticed Canadian Maple Delights' booth early on and resolved to come back and try the gelato sweetened with maple syrup, which had been calling to us all morning.

The ladies in front of us were having a problem. We couldn't really hear what was going on, but they obviously didn't understand what the ice cream girl was saying. They kept pointing to one container of ice cream and chattering away.

"Lime." the girl confirms.
"Yes, lime. It's a fruit."
"No understand. LIME?"
"Yes, lime. Green. Tree. Fruit. LIME."

The other lady points to the ice cream as well
"What's that?"
I was beginning to feel sorry for the girl scooping the ice cream.
"LIME. L-I-M-E." She's being polite but is getting exasperated.

They still look confused.

The conversation reminds me of the sea gulls from Finding Nemo.

Their small child, possibly reading the ice cream scooper's mind, grabs the bars of a rack next to the ice cream cooler and lets out a wild yell as he violently shakes it, sending the paper ice cream cups stacked on top flying in every direction. The poor girl jumps as the cups shower on her, but her smile never wavers. I'm impressed by her composure because by then I'd have been pelting people with paper cups.

The child's mom yells at him, there's chiding in different languages, and finally the scooper girl hands over a cup of ice cream and sighs in relief as they leave.

Kevin is next. He points to a pale green bin of ice cream.

"What flavor is that?" he smiles slyly.


"Lime?" He begins to giggle, stealing a sideways glance at me. I start to giggle as well and pretty soon, the whole line is chuckling.

"Oh, you cheeky boy! I'm going to give you an extra scoop!" She dishes a little more into his cup and hands it to him with a grin.

"I can't believe you did that," I giggle as we wander away through the crowd. Kevin slowly licks his spoon, savoring every last bit, and smiles slyly.

"What flavor did you get?"

"Blueberry. It's really good. How's yours?"

His eyes twinkle.


(Have a craving for Lime Gelato? Check out this recipe at It sounds amazing!)

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