Monday, May 30, 2011

What Was That Shiny Orb in the Sky?

This weekend it finally felt like summer. Usually by now, we have dug out the shorts and slathered ourselves with sunscreen, my herb garden is in full swing, and I'm washing the car in the sunshine after work. Not so, this year-in fact it's been the coldest April/May on record. Sure, we've been out on our motorcycle every chance we get, but usually it has ended with me being so cold I've had to have hot showers and dress in my flannel pjs just to warm up again. This weekend the sun actually came out, and having been starved of it's presence for so long, I promptly shuffled outside to the porch clutching my coffee mug, blinked at the sky, and asked John what that shiny orb was, because I had long since forgotten what warm sunny weather was like.

On Saturday, since Katie was on the Coast for a quick jaunt before heading off to Sweden, I went over to visit for one last time. We sat by the ocean nibbling on these delicious Figgy Buckwheat scones and drinking tea, chatting about food, blogs, school, family, and more.

Those scones were SO good. I think you need to try them. Seriously. Katie sent two home with me and while I doubted that John would actually break down and eat one, he took a nibble and soon came back to snatch the bag off the counter to finish the rest. I had such a great time with her, and I'm glad that I've had the opportunity to meet her in person before she jets back to Sweden and onto wonderful things.

The rest of the day I cooked, and baked, and cooked some more-since I have a deep freeze now I need to fill it up, and fill it I did. There's containers of clam sauce for pasta, spicy beef and bean burritoes, home made vanilla bean gelato flecked with bits of dark chocolate, pumpkin oatmeal cookies, and still more things are on the way. I can't seem to help myself-these days I've been doing more cooking than writing, although this week I plan to redeem myself. This journey to less processed and more home made has had me exploring things that I never thought of doing before; home made yogurt, slow roasted tomatoes, tortillas, ricotta, pretty much anything that I can make at home I've been trying my hand at. The outcome of this is that we're eating better and healthier than ever before, but at times I'm also wondering if I'm creating food snobs in the process.

On Sunday, John and I finally had a warm sunny day to take the motorcycle out for a ride to Pemberton, which we took full advantage of. The day was beautiful, and once again we found ourselves up at the Pony Espresso bar, enjoying lunch with other nomadic biker folk (it's a popular ride!). I need to get a micro SD card for my phone so that I can share all the pictures with you, from the icy glaciers that look like Whistler will have skiing into July to the oversized falafals we had for lunch and of course, John's shiny bike.

I do have plans to get a picture of me, on the bike, for a twitter avatar. That would be cool, right?

What's on tap this week here in the Cookie Jar?

-There's a recipe for Pinto beans with Chorizo and steamed rice over at Chasing Tomatoes that I think you'll really like. You can eat it as a side with hamburgers or on it's own for a main, but it's spicy, delicious, and easy. I'm sure you'll love it.

-My new meal plan for Everything Mom will be up soon (I'll post a link when it is) and includes a great chicken marinade. The recipes this week are all fast, easy, and take few ingredients, so I'm sure they will be things you'll be able to whip up in no time.

-On Wednesday, I'm going to share with you my list of top 10 most coveted kitchen goodies. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

-Over at Chasing Tomatoes this week, I'm going to share a really tasty pasta primavera recipe that you can use with all that great produce you are finding at the market, along with a yummy raspberry oat bar recipe, and then how to make home made creme fraiche.

-Thursday there's a review of I Ate A Rainbow products, to entice your kids to eat their fruits and veggies, and I'll show you what books I'm cooking out of at the moment!

-Friday is Food Revolution Friday of course, and I'll be live tweeting the show as it airs here Friday night.

-Somewhere in there is Finding Awesome, which will be a surprise because that's what makes it so awesome.

Wonder if I can fit in a trip to the Garden Gate market on Wednesday? We'll have to see. Happy Monday!

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