Thank You

Deciding to write Kevin's story about being bullied wasn't something that we came to lightly. It's odd how being accused of something, even when you are innocent, carries with it an element of shame. What do I tell people? That my son was accused of plotting homicide-I mean, what if they wonder if it's true? Or possibly that I'm a drama seeker? Trying to up my traffic? What if it affects my job, or Hub's?

The stress was enormous. Not just for Kevin, but for all of us.

For me, stress means I can't write at all and that is exactly why this space was becoming a bit barren, for awhile. I'd sit and stare at the screen, practically willing words to appear on the monitor, and none would come. I just couldn't, and what I wanted to write, I didn't know if I should. Some days I was so angry that I couldn't even look at twitter and resorted to going to bed. When we collectively agreed that I needed to write, it was like a weight was lifted and in one go, the words just poured out of my fingers as I sat and wrote all three posts until the wee hours of the morning.

It was done. You never know what happens, I cautioned them. It could be nothing. I could get trolls. It could go...viral. (shudder). We all knew, whatever happened, that things were already better. Lighter. The secret was out and we no longer had to be quiet.

How empowering is THAT?

Today when I came home from work, I read each and every tweet and comment to Kevin and John. We laughed with some of you, smiled, and I think my son was a little embarrassed at all the attention. Thank you, every single one of you, for reaching out and embracing him, and us, with love. I can't tell you all how much it means to me to know that people out there, people who I've met and some that I haven't, real life friends, twitter buddies, work friends, and more all see in my son what I see. It's not easy some days, being a mom. Knowing that you aren't alone, that people have your back, makes situations like the one we faced far less daunting. I have read every comment, every tweet, every note-and will do my best to respond to everyone. If I don't-well, I am scattered, so please let me know.

Kevin is doing well. He moved on to different friends and realized that when these things happen, you find out who truly are the people who will stick by you. He's also discovered rock climbing, and now spends his lunch hours on the gym climbing wall-which has kept him busy and doing something positive. I'm so proud of how he has handled himself and although he really would rather not be at school, he's determined to finish the year and then have a party to herald the end of his time in public school.

The choice of venue? Paintball.

"After all this, I think shooting stuff will be kind of relaxing, " he says.


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