Monday, May 23, 2011

Road Trips, Road Trips, and more Road Trips

Road trips are looming here in the Cookie Jar and already, I'm getting emails from readers wondering what our plans are this year. Where are we going? What are we doing? Is there another Food Revolution Road Trip? Anything new and different?

Oh, you are going to think I'm crazy. Seriously crazy.

There's THREE road trips this year. THREE. Each very different, each with different people, and all together they come to a combined six weeks of being on the road. I will be traveling through twelve states and stopping in approximately 16 cities.

Here's how it breaks down (in no particular order) :

Quite possibly the most awesome road in America

Photo credit: CPG Grey

Road Trip A: All in the Family (South Dakota, Moab, Oregon)

The annual completely unplugged family road trip where we log over 8,000 km and spend time just hanging out together. Highlights include rockhounding and hiking in the wilds of South Dakota, renting a jeep through Canyonlands Jeep Rental and hitting the trails out near Moab, Utah, and lazing by the river in the Old Mill District in Bend, Oregon. This trip is going to be a complete Food Revolution Road Trip, meaning we will not eat at a single fast food restaurant for the entire trip and will pack all our own lunches, which was a huge (but fun!) challenge last year. Can we do it again? What have we learned since then? Will I have to accost yet another Wal-Mart shopper when we get lost and can't find a restaurant?

Highway 49, California

Photo Credit: Nick Sarebi

Road Trip B: Romantic Get-Away (California, Oregon, Washington)

A motorcycle, the open road, Hubs and I both celebrating special birthdays this year, and we're off to mark this year in a big way. Years ago before we had even met, John took his big touring bike to the USA every summer and he has been in every state on his bike (except Hawaii and Alaska). We always had plans to travel via bike together but a car accident in 1993 derailed our plans. Last year we finally bought a brand new motorcycle and decided that this summer we are taking it on a little trip to historic Highway 49 in California. Ghost towns, gold mines, winding country roads, here we come! No hotel reservations, no kids, no computers, no work, no nothing. Just us with a motorcycle and the open road. This trip will be far harder to work into a Food Revolution Road Trip since there is no storage, but we'll do the best we can!


Photo credit: Peasap

Road Trip C: Wild Week With the Girls to BlogHer (California, Oregon, Washington)

I am completely stoked about this trip. Sponsored by General Motors Canada, three awesome fellow bloggers and I are making the trek in a gorgeous Chevy Traverse all the way to San Diego for Blog Her. We'll be stopping in various places along the way to shop for some food or fashions, and hopefully to check out Jamie's Kitchen in Los Angeles. Once at Blog Her it will be a whirlwind of conference, re-connecting with friends, meeting new ones, and I'm going to get to room with a long time reader-Merry from Merry With Children. Will this be a Food Revolution Road trip? We're going to do some packing food and stopping at markets, and I can't speak for my fellow travelers, but I'm going to try to stick to fresh stuff. I'm guessing that with all this traveling that at some point I'm going to be so sick of food on the road that I won't care about the usual 'treats'.

Feel free to send any road trip tips, advice, or stories my way! As I did last year, I'll be blogging about all three trips so you will hear the stories from each and every one of them. All the crazy photos, the funny stories, food, hotel rooms, the weird and wonderful things we encounter. You'll be privy to it ALL. It's going to make one amazing summer story blog fest.

I can hardly wait!

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