Friday, May 27, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: Throw a Pie in Jamie Oliver's Face

It's been a weird week. Honestly, 2011 has been full of weird weeks where I'm left counting the days until Friday, because Saturday means sleeping in and a day at home to do what I like. I'm not sure how this happens, but these days all I seem to want to do is hole up in my room and write.

The problem is that when I'm inspired, I'm driving. I don't get to actually write until I'm home, and then I'm just tired.

2011, you are exhausting, you know that?

This week events accumulated into one amazing, serendipitous thing that I've written about but can't publish until May 31st. Make sure to check back because it's a very cool story and I'm sure you'd all love to see how a single tweet has touched countless people and set some very amazing events in motion.

In the meantime, did you know it's Jamie Oliver's 36th birthday today? You can help him get a pie in the face by contributing to his wish-raising $25,000, or enough to train 1000 Food Revolutionaries. Once he hits his goal, he'll get a pie in the face! (probably a made from scratch, absolutely not processed pie, right?)

Also, if you've been missing Food Revolution it's back on the air! ABC is airing the first two shows, back to back today. (I have to check times). The rest of the episodes will be aired on Fridays starting June 3rd. It's a bit confusing given the shuffling around, but I'm glad it's back on so we can watch the rest!

What else is happening around here?

Well, I am going to go visit Katie from The Muffin Myth on Saturday. I can't wait to see her!

This weekend I'm trying my hand at making home made vanilla gelato with my new ice cream maker. I'm also working on a post for home made tortillas, because I tried a recipe recently that I love and MUST share with you. I won't be buying processed tortillas again, I think! Also, I recently made home made creme fraiche, which is really tasty even though it kind of looks like Elmer's glue.

I bought some tomato plants, which I need to plant out by my herb garden. Any bets on if I can keep them alive, and for how long? Place your bets below! So far, I've managed to keep them alive since last Saturday.

How are you at gardening?

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