Friday, May 06, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: Camino and the Joyful Food Revolution!

Every once in awhile I like to feature brands here that I like, especially if I find one I really, really like.

I kinda love Camino. Like, really LOVE.

At first, it was the chocolate bars. One of the local stores had this entire display with all different flavors, and they were all on sale, so I just had to try the raspberry one. Dark, smooth, delicious, with little bits of raspberry made me swoon and my family descend on it like rabid dogs.

After I tweeted about my newfound love, Camino actually sent me some products to try-when the box came, Kevin grabbed it and danced around the kitchen. He grabbed the peanut butter chocolate bar first, and since I couldn't eat it anyway, downed it immediately, exclaiming that it was the best one he'd ever had.

Besides the fact that Camino's products just taste amazing, there's lots more to the company that you might not know about. Firstly, started by three young entrepreneurs in the Ottawa area, Camino is owned by the La Siembra Co-operative in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. After seeing how family farmers were exploited by trade, they chose to offer Canadians a products that are from a worker owned co-operative.

How cool is that?!

Camino's values are called "The Joyful Food Revolution" -and what does that mean?

" 1. Demonstrating a passion for eating good food, a passion for doing good;

2. Connecting the dots between the food we are eating and where it comes from;

3. Building vibrant sustainable communities through better food consumption choices "

Camino's products are certified organic and Fair Trade certified, which means that Camino works directly with family farmers and talk with the people who actually harvest the goods! When you buy their products, you are directly supporting family farmers and "contributing to building vibrant, sustainable communities here in Canada and throughout Central America, South American, and South East Asia."

Now THAT is something I can get behind and support here on Notes From the Cookie Jar. Click on over and check out Camino's line of Canada's first organic and fair trade juices, chocolate bars (the espresso one is my favorite so far), coffee, cocoa, sugars, and so much more!

Want some Camino for yourself? From now until May 15, visit Fair Trade Fortnights, where you answer a question of the day, and then possibly win a Camino product!

Meanwhile, I'll be purchasing products here and there when I can find them, and blogging about what I do with them. Last week I wrote about some lime jellies I made with Camino lime juice, and this week I'm making home made chocolate ice cream with some bits of the espresso chocolate bar in it. I'll be sure to write all about it and let you know how it turn out.

Do you have some favorite companies that you want to give a shout out to? Let me know in the comments.

Disclosure: I was sent a box of samples of Camino products and some information after I had already purchased and tweeted that I loved their chocolate. Camino didn't ask me to blog anything or pay me to write posts, I only am because I genuinely love the products.

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