Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finding Awesome: Because I Need some Awesomeness After All That Heavy Stuff

So now that you know what has kept me feeling quiet and oppressed the last month or so, unable to let my creativity shine through and just be my usually cheerful self, let's go straight to all the incredibly awesome things that helped me get through the drama.

A friend of mine went to Hawaii, and brought me back this hilarious shopping bag. Every time I see this thing, I laugh. A bag with a sushi recipe on it? And a Spam sushi recipe nonetheless? SO funny. I want to take it to my local Canadian Tire and just walk around with it because, you know, they have a big sign on the front door that says shopping bags are not allowed inside the store, even though they sell them. By now, you all know I'm somewhat of a shit disturber.

Same friend also gifted me a freezer. A FREEZER! I have a freezer! Same friend, who is just full of THE awesome. I love it. Now I need to fill it. Possibly a Costco membership is in order.

I made the best, most decadent chocolate ice cream in the universe, thanks to Katie who so kindly let me borrow her ice cream maker, and then one of my lovely twitter followers offered to send me theirs when they saw all my tweets exclaiming about how wonderful it was. Go get the recipe at Chasing Tomatoes. It's easy, honest.

And while you are at it, keep your fingers crossed for me that Canada Post will wait until my ice cream maker arrives BEFORE they go on strike. Come on, guys! Please?

Chocolate Ice Cream

And lastly, thank you to Camino for sending me a surprise bar of chocolate just for me, as a thank you for the review and posts I wrote about the products they sent me. I didn't expect to get chocolate in the mail and it was so great to open up a package and find a very sweet note with a treat. Made my week!

I also made this really great spinach and strawberry salad with home made dressing that was so good I wanted to inhale the entire bowl. It's so good, I just know you'll love it.

Let me know how your week has been in the comments!

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