Are You Rapture Ready?

So, the world is ending on Saturday. Or, so some preacher dude says. Personally, I think a Monday would've been better because it's Monday, obviously.

My first encounter with rapture stuff was when I was eight, and I went to see "Thief in the Night" at church. Seriously not for kids, this movie scared me to death and had me thinking that Satan himself was under my bed ready to jump out and drag me straight to hell. See? no crocodiles under the bed at night, just Satan. That's real healthy.

I also used to read the book of revelations in church when the preacher was getting really boring, and so that kept things interesting-but the biggest encounter I had was in 1988 when I was 17. See, back then there was a prediction that the rapture was going to happen and I, being raised a good little church girl, absolutely believed it. I'll never forget one Sunday when my best friend and I were in the corner store and suddenly the power went out.

We clutched each other, eyes squeezed shut, screamed, and waited.


Nothing. No flying through the air, no trumpets, just us standing in the dark in the back of a corner store amid the cheezies and pop.

The lights came back on. Good thing, too because if the criteria for getting into heaven is anything like the Far Side, I'm a bit out of luck.

Now I'm 40, and I have a different plan. Instead of hiding and waiting, I'm baking some 'after Rapture' cookies because

a) The Dark side HAS cookies, after all and b) there will be more for me anyway because most people will be gone, right? I found a great recipe too-marshmallow dark chocolate pecan with chocolate drizzle.....

After Rapture cookies. I like the sound of that.

(recipe will be posted on Sunday over at Chasing Tomatoes-I'm pretty confident I'll still be here.)

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