Tuesday, April 05, 2011

From the Kitchen: Home made Vanilla Pudding

vanilla pudding

Who says you need to make vanilla pudding from a box? Before this recipe, I had almost always had pudding from powder in a box that you add milk to. It's faster, I thought. What's the difference, anyway?

The difference, my friends, is that real vanilla pudding has real milk, cornstarch, egg, sugar, and vanilla bean in it.

Those black little specks that look like pepper? They are vanilla GOLD just screaming with flavor. Even better is when I top the creamy goodness with blackberries stashed away in the freezer from a hot summer day last August, then dip my spoon in and slowly lick off every last morsel as if it were ambrosia from the very Gods above.

This isn't just vanilla pudding. It's a taste of eggy, custardy, vanilla laden heaven that the stuff in a box can't even come close to touching, much less be in the same realm as.

Try it. If you can stir, you can make this-and it's so fast, easy, and delicious that you'll never go back to the boxed chemical concoction again.

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