Thursday, April 28, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: News and...Prizes?! (update! Winner!)

There is SO much to tell you, I'm going to have to go bullety.

*All that boat rocking in the Los Angeles School District made a big difference, when last week the Superintendent John Deasy announced that he's going to recommend that the schools in his district stop serving flavored milks. How do you feel about flavored milk? Love it? Hate it? Is it an every day thing, or a treat? Feel free to debate in the comments.

*Jamie held his first Food Revolution Twitter competition on Tuesday when Food Revolution didn't air. I admit, it was on the same night as playoff hockey and I was a little worried, but the party took off before hockey got really intense. Jamie asked for ideas for smoothies/milkshakes, and Twitter went WILD! At first, we thought someone from the LAUSD had shown up and giggled to each other that we had apparently angered the lunch gods, but soon realized that it must've been a hoax, especially when they kept tweeting about Dancing with the Stars. The drama didn't stop anyone from tweeting all sorts of ideas for smoothies, and it was so fun to read-except by the end I had a massive smoothie craving. If you missed it, don't worry, there's another one happening Tuesday May 3, 6pm PST and 9pm EST (Times need to be confirmed) This week the winner scored a signed copy of Food Revolution and one of Jamie's coveted trucker hats.

Keep reading, because this week I have prizes too!

*Wednesday night was the weekly Food Revolution Twitter party, which is always lots of fun. The next #foodrevparty is is Wednesday, May 4th at 7pm EST or 4 pm PST, so come on out and join us for some great competition and fun!

*If I thought I was bad at math, try reading the back of a Campbell's soup can. Your low sodium soup might not be as low sodium as you think.

*A former LAUSD teacher has written her take on the school lunches there. Ooo! I love it when people who actually have been there rock the boat. Go read!

*What have you been cooking lately? This week we tried our hand at home made strawberry ice cream, cloverleaf rolls, a really great vegetable curry, and a veggie frittata. You'll see the recipes here and there-watch for my new meal plan on Everything Mom this week to get some new meal ideas!

*Looking for healthy snack ideas for the kids? I love this slide show of 10 Healthy Kid's Snacks over on by Deb Perelman from Smitten Kitchen. Yummers!

*BARF! I'm not going to eat THAT! Have a picky eater? Check out some tips from my friend Kia, who also happens to be the girl behind the fabulous Today I Ate a Rainbow products.

*This week, I have prizes! Yep, One lucky reader can WIN a copy of Emma Waverman's book Whining and Dining AND a Rainbow Kit from Kia. I was lucky enough to hang out with Emma back in March, and we had a fantastic time! She sent me home with a copy of her book, and I absolutely love it. Seriously, I've tried a bunch of recipes from it and they are so good, plus it's also packed with loads of great information.

How do you win?

Leave a comment! Isn't that easy?

Comment once a day, up until midnight (PST) next Friday, May 6, 2011. Make sure to leave me your twitter handle or some way to contact you! Open only to those with Canadian and mainland USA mailing addresses.

Have a great week guys, and good luck!

Update: The WINNER is @modmodmama! Congrats! Send me your info and I'll pass it along so you can get your prize.

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