Saturday, April 09, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: BIG Announcement

Finally, it's here! Food Revolution LA is airing this Tuesday, April 12 and we're ready for it! So much is going on, I need to make a list to announce it all. Are you ready?

READY? Seriously, I've known about this for a few days and I'm ready to BURST with excitement.

Tuesday April 12, Notes from the Cookie Jar is going all Food Revolution PARTY as we watch the show. I'll be live tweeting it and watch this spot for some great stuff as my teenager and I cook some of our favorite Food Revolution recipes.

Wednesday April 13th at 7pm I'm teaming up with Jamie and his Food Revolution Team on Twitter to throw a Food Revolution party! We'll be tweeting under the hashtag #foodrevparty. Come on out and show your support by grabbing a Food Revolution Twibbon, talk about the show, find out how to change school food, and more! (I'll announce more details as I find them out) Update: Jamie will be at the party, so if you want to chat with him, here's your chance!

Did you know that there is beaver ANAL GLAND in cheap vanilla ice cream? Watch Jamie tell you about it on David Letterman. (you just have to watch this, it's SO hilarious)

Recently Jamie was on Jon Stewart and told him why LA schools banned him.

Want recipes? Check out the Food Revolution site.

You can still sign the petition demanding better food in schools! Go!

It's going to be one exciting week guys, and I can hardly wait to get started!

(disclosure... I am not being paid to promote Food Revolution. As a parent, someone who loves to cook, and a person who has worked with kids in schools for almost 20 yrs, I'm also very passionate about the cause and have offered to help Jamie out. )

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