Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Traverse Road Trip to BlogHer 2011

The stuff just keeps happening in this house! I'm going to Blogher! Oh yes I am, and with it being in San Diego, it's just a short(ish) drive away. What better way to go then to invite three other amazing bloggers, rustle up the fantastic Chevy Traverse from General Motors, and make it a road trip? I rode in the new Chevy Cruze at Blissdom, and was very impressed not only with the car, but GM! We are looking into buying another car soon when the lease on our current vehicle is up, and I think we'll be looking far closer at a GM vehicle this go around because not only are they nice to ride in, but well made, and the company itself has just been fantastic. I can't wait to check out the Traverse, and see how it does in a trip all the way from Vancouver, BC to San Diego, CA and back.

Who are my fellow traveling companions?

Alexis at Wave the Stick (@alexishinde)

Nicole from Resolving Timeline Issues (@nicole013)

Tracy from Ramblings of TJR and Fashion Forward 40 (@fashion_frwd40)

You'll be able to follow the trip through the planning stages (on twitter #traversetrip), and then virtually join our adventure as we blog and tweet our way there and back. Will we get lost? Meet anyone interesting? Will I have to resort to fast food?

I think I've already been commissioned to bring cookies.

Did I mention how EXCITED I am?

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