Thursday, March 31, 2011

Take 5 Clover Leaf Challenge Part 2: Updated!

It's dinner time, you are making something for the family, and one person can't eat it. Or won't eat it. So you decide to cook up something fast to keep 'em happy.

I do that all the time. Often Kevin and I want pasta, or something with beef, and John can't eat it. He prefers a sandwich and a salad so I whip that up for him.

The five minute challenge made me curious. Could I cook one of the recipes while I also had pizza bubbling in the oven and still do it in five minutes? Would it work? Taste good?

You betcha.

tuna sandwich

These Montatuna sandwiches were really good. I am not partial to tuna sandwiches, to be honest. Often they are kind of dry, but I don't want to add a lot of mayo to them and make them all saucy. I'm not a sauce kinda girl either. (I know, so picky huh?) The lemon pepper flavoring, plus a little mayo, was just right. Normally I'd never dip a sandwich in egg either, but it added some flavor. Yum!

Start to finish, I did it in just over 5 minutes, mostly because I was anal about getting just the right toast quality for the bread, with the heat not too high or low, and watching it carefully. I saved the leftovers for lunch tomorrow, anticipating that they might be real tasty cold in a lunch box!

Wait! There's more! Do you want a gift basket fully of tuna-y goodness?

You can win your very own gift basket of Clover Leaf products between now and April 11, just by entering below.

Look what each basket contains!
  • A Paderno knife
  • Small bamboo cutting board
  • Set of measuring spoons
  • Silicon spatula
  • $50 Visa Gift Card
  • Various Clover Leaf product (not exactly as pictured)
The Rules:

1. Visit Clover Leaf's site and tell me a 5 minute recipe you would love to try, or come up with your own 5 minute idea and leave it in the comments below. (there's coupons on the site too! Go!)

2. Contest is open only to those residing in Canada

3. One comment per day

4. You may gain an extra entry per day by tweeting about the contest and including @scatteredmom so I see it. As a reader so kindly pointed out, it's probably best that you comment here when/if you RT the contest. If you have tweeted before and didn't comment here, let me know!

Disclosure: Gift basket provided by Clover Leaf Seafoods

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