Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My Next Career

Have you ever thought of what you would do if you had a different career? It's been on my brain, lately. There's been talk of moving and if I should quit my current job working with high school kids, I think I'd like to go into something different than what I do now.

Coincidentally, at work the kids were filling out a Career Matchmaker, so I tried my hand at it too. As I clicked through the questions, I began to wonder what it would say.





Super awesome movie starlet?

Nope. Well, sort of. Check out my results.


I laughed so hard at the Motivational Speaker. I work with teenagers in a high school, which means I already do this every day as I try to motivate them to do some schoolwork.

Butcher? Ew. Raw meat.

Nail Technician? You don't want to see my nails, I bite them.

Fast food worker? thanks.

Comedian? I'm not that funny.

Magician? Only if I can make a million dollars magically appear in my bank account.

What would YOU do if you could change careers?

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