Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Go to Toronto and All Kevin Gets is a T-shirt

View from the Plane

If anyone had told me that I'd be flying to Toronto a second time in less than six months, I'd have said they were crazy but there I was, once again flying to Toronto. This time, not quite so freaked out. I can rock this thing now! After navigating a bus and then a taxi, I found myself at Emma's house, with a very barky little dog that I swore hated me at first.

I accidentally woke up the entire house by waking up the same barky little dog at 7 am. SO embarrassed.

Hi. I'm Karen, from BC. I have a habit of waking up barky dogs early in the morning so that they wake up EVERYONE.

Not just that, but I have to carry chocolate in my suitcase that the dog finds, and then devours while we're busy. Cue me being worried the whole morning that the beloved dog? Will die. Death by chocolate. Death by the chocolate that I didn't even think to, you know, lock up.

Emma didn't seem too concerned.

Emma and I got the kids out the door, off to school, and then made our way down to Cityline. What the heck is Cityline? I didn't really know. I was just following along, after all!

It's a TV show!

Cityline? TV show. Us? Studio audience, along with a pile of people I know from Blissdom like Karen, Julie, Sharon, Erica, Nadine, and waaaay too many more to list. We were briefed on not chewing gum, when to clap, smile, and how to be a rocking audience. Everyone was so shocked to see me, because they didn't expect me to be all the way out there from BC, for goodness sake!

On the Set
Smile! You're on TV, ladies!

Erica Ehm!
The lovely Erica of the Yummy Mummy Club. She gave me a shout out during her interview, where I smiled and worried that a camera would zoom in on me with something in my teeth.

If you want to watch the whole show, go HERE.

After the show there was a tweet up at a really nice hotel (can I remember the name? Nope) in the down town area. There was swanky looking yummy food, lots of drinks, and we basically wandered around and talked to each other.

My creation

You always know the food bloggers because they are photographing the food before anyone eats it.

Karen and Emma kept asking me what I wanted to do downtown but the truth is, I know nothing about Toronto. I need to research more so that the next time I'm there I can actually have an intelligent answer rather that blurt out that I have NO IDEA so please just pick something for me, m'kay? We walked around a little, and stopped at the Dark Horse Espresso Bar where all I wanted was a drip coffee, which they didn't seem to have. So I ordered a French Press and while it was delicious and amazing, the pot was about the size of my head. Maybe. I exaggerate, just a little. Let's just say it was a lot of coffee and jet lag didn't stand a chance, because even my eye stopped twitching once I had that baby.

I picked up Kevin a t-shirt, which is very cool and he loves. I wish I'd bought myself one, now. The bonus is that while it has the Dark Horse logo on it, the shirt is a Me to We one-so money goes to Free the Children.

That evening, we decided to go out for dinner. Emma and I wandered around Little India and sampled some sort of food from a street vendor- some crispy round things stuffed with chick peas and potato, drizzled with a spicy sauce, and then you put broth in it and try to eat without dumping it all over yourself. So yummy! We then wandered down the road to Lahore Tikka, this ramshackle looking building that is covered with strings of Christmas lights and what looks like sari cloth, glittering in the night and smelling of amazing spices. Don't let the modest building scare you off-the food was the best Indian food I've had since I was seven and we had an East Indian family living across the street who would occasionally invite me to join them for dinner.

I then implored Emma to take a photo and send it to Kevin at home in BC, so I could gloat over the amazing dinner I was having while he ate the chili that I left behind.

I'm such a cruel mother.

Hey, he got a t-shirt, didn't he?

Next: We get caught in a snow storm, spend the day in the Kraft Kitchens, and I tell them how my teenager pitched a bottle of BBQ sauce in the garbage because of the sodium content.

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