Monday, March 21, 2011

Great Grocery Budget Crunch Week 3

Great Grocery Crunch, Week 3

"I'm leaving on a jet plane...."

Oh! Sorry. This week's groceries were different because I'm going to be away much of the week, so the amount of cooking going on would be much less. Wait, let me clarify. The amount of cooking accomplished by my husband would be a lot less-the teenager is likely to cook, but he usually likes to just pull something from the freezer and heat it up. John will live on peanut butter sandwiches and salad the whole time I'm gone.

Shopping was pretty easy this week. I have things left over from previous weeks, so I raid the pantry and figure out what I have before I go. Cooking was easy this week too, because I just made sure that the freezer was stocked with some things that were easy to re-heat.

There were no ouch-worthy items at all-most of what I needed was on sale, like coffee, so in that case, I bought 2. The Kashi products, which are usually really pricey here, were also on sale and there were coupons, so I bought them to try.

I found everything except lactose free milk (again), and actually made it in UNDER the budget this week, even when I add on 2 gallon jugs of milk that I had to buy on Friday.

Now THAT was a fiasco, as I dropped one in the parking lot and the jug then had a hole in it, and it leaked all over my trunk. Leaky milk is gross, especially when it's all over your trunk.

How did we fare? Here's the numbers:

Groceries: $132.72

Non Groceries: $60.84

Total: $193. 56

What did I make for the week? I admit it sort of helps that I got sick this weekend and my baking plans were thwarted because I just didn't have the energy. The goods will keep though and I'll use them up next week.
  • turkey chili
  • hamburgers
  • minestrone soup
  • Jamie Oliver's chicken chow mein (Sunday's lunch)
How is your spring break shaping up? Does having the kids at home mean you are going through more food, or is it cheaper? My apologies to Katie too, I had really wanted to do the dried bean thing this week, but my cold played with my brain and rendered me unable to think ahead. Next week, for sure. Promise.

Happy Spring, everyone!

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