Thursday, March 31, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: A Teaser of Jamie's New Show!

What's up this week? Are you looking for a little inspiration, answers to your questions, or a good resource for recipes? Latest Food Revolution news?

You've come to the right place!

1. Did you know that canned chick peas and kidney beans have crazy amounts of sodium? I noticed that awhile ago and then vowed I'd try to make them from dried, but couldn't really figure out the how to. Then my friend Katie pointed me to her blog post on how to cook dried beans, and I'm trying it out this weekend. Katie was SO excited when I told her that I was trying making beans from dried that you'd think I had won a lottery or something. It was all...BEAN PARTY! WHOOOO! They must be good. Why don't you try it too and we'll compare notes?

2. This week Bri wrote a really great post about time and the Barefoot Contessa controversy. Lots of people say they don't have the time to really cook, but seriously? You can. You just gotta make the time. It's a good read, check it out.

3. You may have heard that the FDA was holding hearings about the use of food dyes and the possible link to ADHD in children. According to the LA times, there was no clear cut connection and it has been recommended that more study be done. What do you think? It was decided back in January that food which contains the carmine beetle as a coloring to be labeled. The reason? Some people are highly allergic.

I had a really bad experience with a Gosh eyeliner awhile back that had carmine listed as the second or third ingredient, so I think it's safe to say I'll be avoiding anything containing beetle carcasses. Some say that it's probably a good alternative to Red Dye #40, which my teenager is sensitive to and even small amounts make him violently ill. How about we just stay away from the red stuff?

Read your labels. ALL the labels.

4. Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution has a truck that is traveling the USA! A mobile kitchen classroom, he's road tripping it all over America! Will he come to Canada? I don't know, but I'll admit I asked. Follow the route here! You can follow the truck on twitter, even.

And? Guess what?! Jamie has released a preview of the NEW Food Revolution, which airs on April 12, 2011.

Are you as excited about this next show as I am?

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