Saturday, March 26, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: Jamie Oliver's Chicken Chow Mein

Jamie Oliver's Chicken Chow Mein

This was a dish that Jamie taught lots of people to make on the first Food Revolution Show, and I hadn't even thought of making it until last week when my high school cooking class made it. So fresh and delicious, I couldn't help but feature it for Food Revolution Friday!

I know I promised to take you all with me and blog along about my trip to Toronto and Kraft but a) my camera didn't work with the laptop I borrowed (boo!) and then b) I was so tired that my posts would've been completely incoherent. Here's some highlights to whet your appetite while I work on the posts....

1. Spent an evening with my friend Alexis, who is super fun.
2. I got to be on TV, along with a lot of other fun ladies! (the show airs March 29)
3. Went to a tweet up in style at a swanky downtown hotel.
4. Had the best Indian food ever with Emma Waverman in Little India.
5. Speaking of Emma, we had a great time-went to the Dark Horse Espresso Bar with Karen Greeners, we chatted lots, I met her adorable kids, and I secretly coveted her kitchen.
6. Experienced a Toronto snowstorm.
7. Met the president of Kraft Canada.
8. Cooked. And ate. Ate some more. Oh my LORD, did we EAT.
9. Slept like a baby at the Hampton
10. Came home to a birthday cake because Hubs had his days mixed up and bought my cake EARLY. Better than late, huh?

As I work on my posts, check out my photos here, or hop on over to Chasing Tomatoes to get the recipe for that delicious stir fry. I have lots to say, so it could be awhile and you'll see the posts come up one by one. I plan to tell you all about my trip, the fun I had, and why I believe we can't rely on big corporations to change our food for us.

Have a great weekend!

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