Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doing Dishes is Better Than...

The routine has been the same almost every day this week. Make dinner, and afterwards retire to the living room to a comfy spot on the couch with tea and Twitter. Dishes do eventually get done, but I spend some of my time wishing that the kitchen fairy would show up, wave a wand, and magically leave everything sparkling clean.

I finally settled with a cup of tea when Hubs turned to me with a question.

"Did you go to the store after work like I asked you to?"

I stared into my cup forlornly.

"Nooo... Do I have to? Can't it wait?"

Hubs shook his head.

"But I just got comfy!" I wailed. Under a cozy afghan by the fire, I was finally cozy and ready to relax. Getting on my coat to brave the wind and rain was the last thing I wanted to do.

Hubs called from the kitchen as he went to fix himself a cup of coffee,

"I'll do you a favour later...."


"I'll do the dishes...."

When he came back into the room I was walking out the door with my coat on.

"Where's my keys?"

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