Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Great Grocery Budget Crunch

Grocery Store

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This week I went shopping and at first I thought I was doing well-the first stop seemed a little cheaper than usual. Of course, where I live, there isn't one store that has everything I need so I have to stop at 3 or even 4 to gather all the supplies for cooking for the week.

By store three, and doing math in my head, I was getting frustrated. Everything just seems so expensive. A large can of Nabob coffee that used to go for $9 was $13.49 (on sale!) and even milk was $4.19 for a jug instead of the usual $3.89. By the fourth store it was clear I was over the budget I was trying to stick to, as it seems every single week.

Discouraged, I hit twitter when I got home. Am I insane? A bad shopper? Do I nickel and dime us like Hubs always says I do? Or is it just that the price of food has gone haywire and try as I might, I can't seem to keep things below $200 per week?

My Twitter peeps collectively agreed that food has gone up, and they too were spending around the same as I am. Here in Canada we don't have the coupons that some do in the USA where you can get crazy amounts of money off your grocery bill. It just doesn't happen.

"Are you writing about it on your blog?" Natalie from the Yummy Mummy Club tweeted, which got me thinking. I'm not blogging about it, but I can. For one month, I'm going to let you inside the grocery shopping habits of a foodie-my budget, what I can and can't afford to buy, and how sometimes I have to chose between price and what's healthier. Some things you might find a little shocking, strange, or you might be able to relate to it as well.

How does the grocery thing happen in our house, and how does a foodie stick to a budget? Can I even keep within it, or am I crazy?

Watch for it March 1st.

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