Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun Baking Find: Callebaut Crisp Pearls

Chocolate Pearls close up

Calling these scrumptious morsels as pearls is an apt description! Tiny bits of crunchy rice cereal, drenched in delicious Callebaut chocolate, these babies are difficult not to eat by the handful for a snack, really. Instead they are for decorating cakes, pastries, and whatever else you can dream up. I used them for my chocolate mousse cakes, but the reality is that they taste so yummy I could just eat them plain.

You can order some for yourself from the Vanilla Food Company for around $17 a pound, which is a lot of pearls because they are fairly light in weight. Keep in mind that Vanilla Food Company doesn't ship these in the summer, so now is a good time to snap some up-mostly because warm weather would cause them to melt.

Oh! And isn't it convenient that Canadians can get free standard shipping on orders over $75 if you use the code 'cookiejar'? (details here)

I really love these babies. The trick is not to eat them for a snack.

(disclosure: I was sent a sample of this product, but I chose to write about it on my own because they are so yummy)

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