Thursday, February 24, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: A Recipe and Last Chance to Win!

It's been soup weather, here. I love soup. Stores well in the freezer, makes a great lunch, and is generally inexpensive to make. Soup is fantastic-especially with fresh biscuits slathered with butter.

This week I went back to my Food Revolution Cookbook, looking for inspiration. I must admit, I haven't been too crazy about Jamie Oliver's soup recipes so far. They all seemed to be lacking something, but I wasn't sure what. Until I came across the sweet potato chorizo recipe, and I just had to try it.

Chorizo Butternut Squash Soup

Of course, I made changes. I substituted the sweet potatoes for a butternut squash just because they were cheaper, then instead of pureeing everything (why does he do that in most of the soup recipes?) I fished out about half the veggies and pureed the rest, leaving the soup with some delightful chunky pieces.

(click through for the recipe)

OH MY. It was the best soup I've had in ages. Full of flavor, bits of sausage, sweet butternut squash, a bit of curry, it's the perfect thing to warm you up when cold February winds are blowing! If your kids like spicy and you are looking for something to put in their lunch, you will love this. And while you are at it, try serving it with these great seedy biscuits.

This Friday is the very last to add something below to gain an entry to win a Baker's Essentials pack from the Vanilla Food Company. What am I going to ask you to do this week? It's easy. SO easy, you won't believe it.

Tweet me.

Yep, that's all you have to do. Although I'm going to ask you to tweet me your favorite kind of soup-and if you tweet me with a link to your favorite recipe, it will gain you TWO entries. Just make sure to send the tweet @scatteredmom, and include the hashtag #lunchrevolution.

Hate soup? Tweet me your favorite thing to eat for lunch. On Sunday, I'll close the contest and announce who is getting that way cool pack of stuff from the Vanilla Food Company!

I'll be watching my twitter feed for you! Tweet away!

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