Thursday, February 10, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: The EXPOSE Yourself Challenge

Food Revolution seems to have hit a few challenges, and even on my blog I'm surprised that this series isn't getting as many people talking as I originally hoped it would, so this week, I'm issuing you all a challenge.

Expose yourself!

No, not THAT part of yourself! I mean your lunch! For one week, as often as you like, take a photo of your lunch. Upload it to the Notes From the Cookie Jar Facebook page. Each photo uploaded will be considered as an entry to win a Baker's Essentials pack from the Vanilla Food Company.

Don't worry about lighting, or if it's healthy, or some ridiculously gourmet lunch. It can be YOUR lunch, a lunch out, your pre-schooler's or baby's lunch. Just snap a photo and upload every day between today and February 18, 2011. You may be surprised what I eat some days in comparison to my teenager, and in my line up I'll include the school hot lunch. This week I ate Multi-grain Cheerios every single day. If your teenager eats hot lunch, encourage them to snap a photo of their school lunch and upload it.

There will be no judgment, no kudos for the healthiest, no criticism for the most unhealthy. I just want to know what you eat for lunch! Be proud! Be loud! Let's make some noise, people!

EXPOSE your lunch!

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