Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Expose Your Lunch, So Far!

So far I'm the only person exposing my lunch. Wait, that's not true. One amazing reader, ONE lovely person left a photo on my Facebook page on Friday. ONE. And I can't tell who it is because there's no link left or mention! Gah! (if it's you, please let me know in the comments. I'm dying of curiosity now)

That's okay-you are all welcome to join me, if you want to. Is it too busy this week? A pain to take photos? Are you all shy about sharing what you ate because you think people might get judgy? Na. No judgy. Sheer curiosity. Plus I look kind of stupid photographing my food in the lunch room, but I think my co-workers chalked it up to being the author of a blog.

Check out my lunches so far.

Exposed Lunches

Do you see the TIM HORTON'S in there? We were in the city, it was Hub's birthday, and he only likes stopping for a Tim's now and then so there we were. I suppose it's sort of okay fast food, but likely not.

Check out the Notes From the Cookie Jar Facebook page where you can upload your pictures of your lunch-make sure to tell me in the caption who the photo is from though, or I can't tell. Remember, each photo gives you an entry to win a great Baker's Essential Pack from the Vanilla Food Company! (seriously unsolicited plug for them: I've been baking with some of their products and oh MY goodness. They make your baking amazing. You must try the products. MUST.)

The brownies are included because I admit they didn't make it into a couple of the photos, and I did have brownies twice so I should fess up. Want the recipe? Yum!

What's in YOUR lunch?

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