Friday, February 04, 2011

Coming Up for Air

I haven't forgotten you. Truly. I promise.

This week flew by, day by busy day, each holding some type of promise that yes, I'll get here and write to my soul's contentment but I found myself falling into bed each night thinking, I'll get there tomorrow. Tomorrow turned into one day, then three, and now a full week has gone by and I'm left wondering where the time went.

The truth is the last few weeks have really kicked my ass.

First it was the surgery that someone in this house had, and then the required nursing him back to health because oh my god, there was little the guy could do. Although for me to give any details at this point have been quite strongly given the "You shall NOT WRITE THIS" treatment, so I will stop there. Although I will say that I must really love this guy because even when he is high as a kite on Demerol, he has no trouble telling me exactly what lane I should be driving in, and how to navigate a parking lot to stop the car in front of a Starbucks. THIS is why I never drive with Hubs in the car, because the dude is such a control freak that he can't stand the thought of someone else driving. If they are, he must then tell them every freaking five seconds what they should be doing.

"Park over there. No, not there. The big spot. That one. NOT THAT ONE."
"Get in the other lane."
"You really should be in a different gear."
"Are you riding the clutch?"


He's lucky someone had just been re-arranging his insides only hours before because I would've kicked him out of the car and made him walk, otherwise. Instead I pretended he was just a really annoying voice in the car and wished he'd just FALL ASLEEP already. (yes, I looked for more Demerol.)

Then, as we were in the middle of the nursing and the pain and the emotional upheaval of it all, of course other things had to become all problematic and demand attention, which is how it usually goes, doesn't it? It appears to be the law of the universe when you have a kid with an IEP, learning disabilities and dyspraxia, that the proverbial shit WILL hit the fan the week before provincial exams when you are nursing an injured family member back to health. Of course, it's also a subject that I can't really blog in detail about. Nice, huh?

Let me just say this. I'm getting kind of tired of people who are educated making all sorts of assumptions about my kid and his interests. Yes, he's a little weird and his interests are not exactly the norm, but seriously? When he was 9 and fascinated by the physics of weapons, and people said it meant he was violent, I was irritated. When he was 12 and suddenly the chemistry of explosions was the thing (thanks Mythbusters), people then said he was going to be a terrorist. At 13 when it was the chemistry of winemaking, they rolled their eyes and told me I had a future alcoholic. He's a SCIENCE GEEK, people.

So nice that they are all so encouraging. Now, he's into building computer networks, and they act like he's a hacker who will break into their accounts and steal their life savings.

If his thing was sports and he was as talented at hockey as he is at computers, people would be paving the way for his success. Just because people can't understand what he's talking about 90% of the time doesn't mean it's BAD. All you have to do is smile and nod, really. Ask him to show you and he'd be happy to explain, and then maybe you'll see that the so-called "game" you dismiss as a complete waste of time is actually a grade 12 physics Science simulation.

*eye roll*

Anywho, where was I? Oh yes-throw a fantastic bloggity get together in Vancouver with all sorts of lovely twitter peeps that I had a great time chatting with and sampling all their amazing baking, and then an article that I'm cooking for and writing about for Everything Mom, and it's been a crazy couple of weeks.

Of course, now a virus has shown up and is being passed around, and Hubs has a BIG birthday coming next weekend.

Huge. Monumental.

As in, the big 6-0 and I don't have a THING planned.

Good thing he hates birthdays.

How was your week?

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