Monday, January 03, 2011

New Years Wishes 2011

Last year I wrote about how 2009 had re-kindled my fiery passion for writing, and how for 2010 I had decided to jump into the blogging community with both feet, embracing all that it had to offer, and vowed to finally meet some of my fellow writers in real life.

Whoa. If I had known then what was in store for me in 2010, I never would've believed it.

From meeting fellow Vancouver bloggers to chatting with Jamie Oliver, being syndicated on Blog Her, asked to speak at Blissdom Canada, featured in the Globe and Mail, 2010 turned out to be a year far bigger than I had ever remotely imagined.

The most surreal moment was sitting on the panel at Blissdom Canada 10, looking at the crowd. With a jolt I suddenly realized that there I was, speaking at a conference (my goal had been to simply attend one!), with Erica Ehm on one side of me, Catherine Connors in the front row, and piles of bloggers that I have read and loved RIGHT THERE.

At the risk of sounding sappy, you all are just as beautiful in person as you are online.

What am I wishing for in 2011?

A complete blog makeover. I'm saving my pennies to switch blog platforms, get a whole new, professionally created, beautified space with a pro masthead, logo, the works. I figure that after five years of writing, this space deserves it.

Attend either Blogher 11, Blissdom Canada 11, or both. Being able to share time with other writers is so inspiring, so good for the soul, that I can't NOT go again. Want to come?

Write, write, and write some more. I had quit my second job so that I could focus on writing more, and with more time on my hands I am excited at all the possibilities! Will that mean more paid writing jobs? I am keeping all my fingers crossed that it does because to be paid to do what I love most?

That would be complete BLISS.

Take risks, reach high, explore, and create like never before.

2010 stretched me in ways, both as a writer and a cook, that I never would have dreamed of. In 2011 I'm turning 40 and excited about what lies ahead for me and this space that I love so dearly.

Time to seize the awesome.

What are your New Year's Wishes?

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