Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Linkies: Jamie Oliver's New Food Revolution, A Recipe, and more!

After the craziness that was working almost seven days a week in 2010, 2011 has seemed slow by comparison. I've had so much more time to cook, read blogs, and just relax that I have made it a sport to sleep as late as I can on my days off, read as much as possible, and still manage to procrastinate when it comes to house work. What have I been up to?

1. The other night we watched Food, Inc as a family and I decided that I'm really going to get serious about trying to find local products and humanely killed meat. Investigating that one. A friend of mine has offered me a deep freeze, I found a place where I can get local wheat. With a fellow blogger's help, I'm going to be sourcing out much more local food this summer. It's just so much easier when I have more time, you know? This is hard stuff!

I also realized that when we go to the States on vacation, I want to be a vegetarian.

2. Go check out Schmutzie's blog and read this post about 25 things she fears. It's really interesting to see what freaks people out, and I couldn't resist throwing my own comments into the ring. Interestingly enough, they all have to do with driving. What do YOU fear?

3. When you are done talking about fears and read my comments about being squished by logging trucks (no I'm joking-sort of), console yourself by dropping over to The Crepes of Wrath and gazing at these scrumptious pumpkin pie pancakes. I made them last week and then smothered them with real maple syrup and Avalon Dairy whipping cream. Absolutely fattening and decadent, but SO damn good.

4. THEN, when you are done that, I found out when EAT! Vancouver is happening! June 10-12, you'll get to check out celebrity chefs, the Bite of Vancouver, demos, booths, the works down at the Vancouver Convention Center. I can't wait to take my teenage foodie sidekick and explore. Tickets go on sale in April.

5. GO JAMIE! Food Revolution is up and at 'em again, with Jamie in Los Angeles trying to take on the Los Angeles Unified School District, who isn't letting him set food in even one school. When I wrote an article for Blog Her, I checked out the LAUSD's website to see what information I could find about their school lunches. Some of them look good on paper, but there was precious little nutritional information. Oh sure, you could find the amount of calories, but what's actually in the food? Nope. I don't know about you, but I find that a bit frightening.

Looking for something yummy to tuck into your lunch boxes this week? Try my curried lentil soup over at Everything Mom on this week's meal plan. It's so yummy that when I heated mine up, everyone who entered the room stopped and commented on the delicious smell. There's also a great oatmeal cookie recipe up at Chasing Tomatoes, perfect for dunking in milk and nibbling away on.

What's up with your week so far? Let me know in the comments!

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