Sunday, January 09, 2011

Knowing Me, Knowing You: January 2011

Last year I always seemed to miss the knowing me, knowing you meme from Fairy Blogmother, but this week, I nailed it! Really to find out a little about me? If you wish to play, copy the meme to your own blog, answer the questions, and link up over at the Fairy Blogmother. Or just add your own answers in the comments!

1. Okay so you have $5 million to spend in five days and you can't spend it on yourself or your family. What do you spend it on?

There are people I know-good people, whose lives would be changed for the better or at least be less of a worry with a boost, and while I hesitate to publicly name them all here, I'd give the money to them. Thing is, I'd love to just arrive in person and plunk it in their lap-which I think I could do in five days.... What a five days that would be!

2. What's your favorite type of food?

Being a foodie, there's so much food I love. My favorites depend on the season, the mood I'm in, what time of day it is. Given a choice of what to eat on my birthday, I'd go with a pizza loaded with veggies, garlic, and good cheese. Then I'd have a gooey chocolate brownie for dessert.

3. What is the best concert you've ever attended?

I haven't been to that many concerts as an adult, but over Christmas holidays Hubs and I got to see Carrie Underwood at Rogers Center in Vancouver. She was WONDERFUL. These days, it seems like you hear singers on a CD and then live, and they sound totally different (usually worse). She sounded better than her CD! There were songs that I wasn't sure I liked on the CD, that I loved live because she was so amazing. Absolutely worth it. I'd go again in a heart beat.

4. What sports do you like?

I have never been a sporty girl. I have always liked to watch gymnastics and figure skating, but beyond that the only time I watch sports is during the Olympics. As for me participating, I love downhill skiing, hiking, scuba diving (haven't done that for awhile), and would love to try kayaking. Ziplining too! I don't think that counts as a sport but who cares?

5. Who is your favorite cartoon character of all time?

Growing up, we only had two TV channels and never got to watch Saturday morning cartoons. My cartoons were whatever Disney decided to show on Sunday nights, or the occasional Looney Tunes special. So I guess it's not too much of a stretch that Bugs Bunny is my favorite cartoon character-I can still watch the shows now and they make me laugh.

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