Thursday, January 27, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: Salads and a Prize!

I'd have to say that in the last year, we have eaten more salads than ever before. When we began eating healthier, one thing we started doing was cutting out the usual potatoes or rice with dinner and instead, creating two different salads.

What still shocks me every time is both Hubs and my teenager literally polish off every single salad that is from a Jamie Oliver cookbook. What is that? What's his secret?

Well, here's a video to tell you.

You can find some of my salad recipes here. Produce, I find, is crazy expensive here. The other week when we were in Vancouver and I wandered into a market, I couldn't believe how cheap everything was and completely loaded up on all things fresh and delicious. Peppers, $2/lb (here, $4.49/lb), cucumbers $.99 each (here $2 each), it was crazy! I was so excited, I'm sure the other people in the store thought I was insane. How does a woman get so excited over peppers? That's me. The girl who loves peppers but can't afford to buy them much.

Then, just to make my week even MORE fantastic, a box arrived from the Vanilla Food Company.

The Vanilla Food Company is an online store where you can buy gourmet baking products. There's amazing chocolate, cinnamon, spices, and dried fruit. I love how they have flat shipping rates in Canada and the USA! There's also real, delicious, vanilla beans instead of the artificially flavored stuff you find at the store. Here's something you may not know...

"Another product to be aware is ‘Imitation Extract’. Imitation extracts are derived from synthetic vanillin - which mimics the natural flavour of vanilla. The most common sources of synthetic vanillin are Lignin Vanillin, a by-product of the pulp and paper industries and Ethyl Vanillin, a coal-tar derivative. Not very appealing! " (source: Vanilla Food Company)

EW! Since a few of you posted last week articles about food colorings, I thought you might find this interesting. I am all for natural, home made food; even the stuff that isn't that healthy. If you're going to have a treat, have a good one made from butter, eggs, chocolate, and real vanilla, right? Why settle for crap?

The Vanilla Food Company generously sent me an amazing Baker's Pantry Essential's Pack for one lucky reader! You will absolutely drool over it's contents. I love this pack because I could never buy these things where I live, and you can just order them online. It's awesome!

Continue to link up your posts, tweets, Youtube videos, or photos (to a max of 4 links total) up until February 25, 2011 for a chance to win! (contest open to Canadian and American mailing addresses in North America)

And, just because they are so awesome, the Vanilla Food Company is offering the first 25 people from here free shipping for any order over $75 (Canadians only, standard shipping). Use the code 'cookiejar' when you order. Whoo HOO!

What's up in your corner of the world this week? Did you make anything yummy? Write a really great article that you want to share? Cook with your kids? Kevin and I had planned to make a vlog of us cooking, but it was hard to reign in the week to make that happen. Maybe on Sunday! My plan for this week... make home made yogurt. Next week I'll tell you all about it!

(disclosure: I was also sent a Baker's Pantry Essential's pack, along with some chocolate and few other things, to try and review as well. )

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