Thursday, January 13, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: Revolution in Progress

This week, Jamie Oliver arrived in the USA and part two of Food Revolution, this time in Los Angeles California, got underway.

Sort of. I suppose no good revolution happens without some resistance, but it looks like LA could prove to be a really tough nut to crack, so to speak. The Los Angeles Unified School District won't let Jamie set a foot in a single school in the district. Their reason?

"Reality TV has a formula. You either have to have drama or create conflict to be successful. We're not interested in either."

Awhile ago I wrote an article for Blogher on the topic, and in doing my research, looked up the LAUSD's cafeteria menus. The food didn't look too bad, but as Hubs and I looked them over, Hubs made an interesting observation. None of the ingredients were listed, anywhere. Just calories, fat, and sodium.

"What are they afraid of?" Hubs observed, "And why don't they put ALL the information out there? If it's such great food, the coffee cake for breakfast, fish sticks, and chicken nuggets, put all the info right out there for people to see."

Kevin was less polite about it.

"It's not all out there because it's crap, and they know it. "

Leave it to the 15 year old to just say what he thinks.

Let me say this much; I have worked in schools for 18 years, advocated for my son for 11, and I know circling the wagons when I see it. But there is one thing that a lot of people forget about, and I'm not sure that LAUSD has counted on.

You. Yes, you. You want to change school food, Los Angeles? California? USA? Make it better? Get on down to Jamie's Kitchen in 1038 Westwood Blvd. and show your support. Tweet about it. Blog about it. Cook with your kids. It doesn't have to be one of his recipes, and it doesn't have to be painful in the process. As Jamie said,

"I'm not asking Americans to forgo their ice cream or their burgers or their pizza. I'm asking them to expect more. "

Expect more. Expect real, delicious, well prepared food. Yesterday I bought school lunch and it was the most delicious, healthy, from scratch pizza I've ever had (including my own!). Expect that your kids should get real, healthy food at school.

Demand it.

Let's make this revolution one worth remembering, shall we?

In support of Jamie's Food Revolution in Los Angeles, Food Revolution Fridays is back with a vengeance! Starting next Friday, write your own blog post about healthy eating, school food, or what's happening in your own kitchen. Tweet about Food Revolution, link up, and have a chance to win prizes! Details are coming next week, but plan to play along!

Drop by here for the latest news on the Food Revolution, as I'm keeping an eye on the news to see what's happening and will keep you all filled in, and I'm going to be featuring more of Jamie's recipes!

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