Friday, January 21, 2011

Food Revolution Friday: It's All About You

Funny how life takes funky turns when you plan something, and it just throws everything out of whack. I had planned to have Food Revolution Friday up last night but yesterday was a Murphy's Law sort of day, and my plans were de-railed.

So this post is going to be all about you because there is so much good stuff out in the Internets right now about food, healthy eating, and food revolution. What have I been reading and you should too?

Hop on over to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution in LA page and leave some love. The coolest thing? There's also a call to action page, with lots of people swelling with support. Get some of the latest news over there! What's the latest in the food revolution? Jamie scored a meeting with an LA high school just yesterday, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that he will win over the district to allow him in.

Do you bake at home? Chatelaine has some tips on how to store your baking ingredients and keep them fresh. I recommend that you store chocolate chips in a sealed container once they are open-just after Christmas holiday, my pantry was invaded by some little bug that loved chocolate, and all my chocolate was infested. There is little sadder than having to throw out piles of chocolate.

My friend and Food Revolution partner in crime, Mrs. Q over at Fed Up with Lunch, is featured in an article by CNN. I am so proud of her! The comments are interesting, too. The video below was in the sidebar. I agree that each of us can only do so much-Jamie Oliver, parents, government, and school districts need to come together and when we work together, we can make great change.

Did you see in the news that Wal-mart is teaming up with Michelle Obama to have healthier food? What? I mean it's admirable that they are trying to curb the amount of salt, sugar, and fats in what they sell, but do you think they are just trying to get a piece of the healthy food/organic pie? Interesting.

Lastly, Brianne over at Red, Round, or Green wrote a very though provoking Food Revolution Fridays post about how things used to be, when we were required to take Home Economics and learn to cook. With those programs cut, we are forced to teach our kids ourselves-and for some, this is a daunting process. Some are content to just leave things the way they are. It's possible to change, but in order to, we have to be willing to make a few small changes ourselves.

She writes, "A few more family meals every week. A few minutes spent reading the labels at the store. One less packaged food per day; one more fresh vegetable per day. One more conversation with their kids about what they’re putting into their bodies. All of these are small steps on the road to change, and we should be recognizing that small steps can also be part of a large revolution. Every baked potato, grilled chicken breast, and steamed vegetable is a rung on the ladder that rises above the deep fry."

Bravo, Brianne.

Let's get in there and make CHANGE, people.

Food Revolution Fridays is rolling again for as long as it takes to get Jamie into Los Angeles Unified School District, until the last episode of Food Revolution LA airs. Post along on your own blogs, tweet about healthy eating, make a youtube video, or take some photos and post them on Flickr. Add the links to your work below, and be entered for prizes.

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