Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cookie Crumbs: Mistaken Identity

In hospital waiting room, a volunteer calls my name, and I wave. He's an older gentleman, probably in his late 60s or so. He wanders through the crowd to me.

"Your father will be ready to go in about 15 minutes," As soon as the words are out of his mouth, he realizes that he's made an error. It's so obvious that he's horrified at his mistake that I can't help but begin laughing.

"Friend? Uncle? Brother...?" The words trail off as he grasps at straws, trying to think of any way that a 59 year old man can be related to me. By then I'm laughing so hard that I can barely talk. The people around us watch curiously, trying to look like they are not eavesdropping-even though it's obvious they are.

"He's my husband," I giggle, hand over my mouth to keep from laughing harder.

His face turns beet red as he realizes his mistake, and he begins to stammer an apology. Still giggling, I grin back.

"Don't worry. After 18 years of marriage, we're used to it. Happens ALL the time." In my head I'm counting; five, four, three, two, one...

BINGO. He's looked at me, completed the math in his head, and his face is now a mixture of horror and curiosity. I can see he's trying to figure out *my* age, but is reluctant to ask. I don't tell him. (psst...I'm 39)

Actually, I must admit that I lied. People don't mistake Hubs for my father anymore, or at least not that often -but that one conversation?

Totally made my day.

Anyone else have a sick Hubs? This hilarious video was sent to me by @bweikle, and had me laughing.

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