Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Year of My Favorite Things

I've never really liked Year in Review posts-to me they seem like a re-hash of old news. A year of my favorite things, though? Now THAT could be fun. With everything from products to events to people, introducing a year of my favorite things:



Kevin shot this video of himself last January. He looks SO DIFFERENT now! It still makes me laugh.

I embraced Twitter and began tweeting like MAD with my new iPod Touch.


Red mittens, crowds cheering, the excitement of the Olympics could be felt no matter where you were in BC. This song quickly became a family favorite, and the video gives me chills. (video embedding was disabled)

I have never, in my 39 years, seen my country come together for anything like it did for the 2010 Olympics. Just amazing.


After my 39th birthday cake was elusive and I ended up buying my own a few days after my birthday, my friend Anne gifted me with six bars of Green and Black's chocolate. The chocolate with dried cherries quickly became the favorite of everyone in our house.

Then I went to a tweet up and met some of the Vancouver blogging community!


I began writing Food Revolution Friday after Jamie Oliver and I began talking about how to get Food Bloggers in on his Food Revolution. And then I became a BIG FAN.

Over the year I bought the Food Revolution Cookbook (still love it), got an app for my iPod, and cooked many of his recipes. YUM!


We bought a new Yamaha Venture Royale touring bike from GA Checkpoint Yamaha in Port Moody. I LOVE that bike. So much FUN!


I was cooking up a storm, but my favorite recipe that month was Jamie Oliver's salmon tikka.


We issued ourselves a Food Revolution Challenge for our annual 8000 km road trip, and blogged each day of our trek through South Dakota and Utah! I also discovered a favorite summer treat of mine:

Starbucks skinny frappucinos


I hosted my first ever blog/twitter party, and then Kevin and I bought and cooked our very first local crab. It was DELICIOUS.


Shane Koyzcan came to the school I worked at and I had the opportunity to see him live. He was amazing! I highly recommend you see his show.


I discovered Avalon Dairies whipping cream, which became a foodie favorite in our house.

Then I was invited to speak at Blissdom Canada and soon I was jetting away on a plane to Toronto, working with a fantastic sponsor, meeting bloggers who I have read for years, and generally having the best time I'd had in a VERY LONG TIME. Inspired by this song by Greyson Chance, I took a gigantic leap of faith and embraced everything about Blissdom.

It was amazing, and truly the highlight of my year.


I discovered Angry Birds, and then could be heard yelling, "DIE PIG, DIE!" at various intervals around the house. It is a great time waster, especially in ferry line ups.


Hubs and I bought tickets to see Carrie Underwood's Play On Tour. The show was fantastic and wow, can that girl sing! I swear she's the only person I've ever seen live that sounds even better than on CD.

What was your favorite thing of 2010? Share in the comments!

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