Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Reason #464 I'm Named Scatteredmom

The other day I was so intent on getting everything finished after work that I wrote myself a list. I have to do that, because if too many things are in my brain they crowd each other, and something inevitably falls through the cracks and is lost. The list looked something like this:

-doctor appointment
-grab name of the woodworking store that Hubs wants to visit so he can drool over new wood for making projects
-call HP about Kevin's computer
-email cookie recipe to friend
-meal plan post

Doesn't look bad, right?

I flew out of work early, drove part way down the only highway, checked to make sure I hadn't passed the doctor's office part way, wondered if I really had (where is the office again? After the store? Before the store?), and cursed myself for never really knowing where anything is.

By the time I pulled into the parking lot I was a few minutes late.

"Umm....Karen, right?"


"You aren't down for an appointment...."

"But I made it last week, I know I have an appointment. Doctor M, today, 3:15." Paper in hand, my finger ran down the list before stopping at the words in blue ink. "See? It's on my list."

She looked at me, the corners of her mouth turned up as she tried (unsuccessfully), to stop from giggling.

"Oh, I see. Your appointment is tomorrow."


Only I would go to the doctor's office on the wrong freaking day.

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