Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All You Really Need At Christmas

Tree of Many Colours

photo credit: MjH

I'm really not sure why I had the bright idea to get rid of our fake Christmas tree in July. There was something to do with a major purge and cleaning out the garage, but you would think I would have had the nerve to at least wait until after Christmas, when the pretend trees are on sale, but no.

Check out the Canadian Tire site. No, I'm not trying to sell you anything but look! They have tree themes!

I'm not a theme kind of girl. Oh wait-that's not entirely accurate, I'm more of a "throw on all the decorations and call it done" girl. When it comes to the tree, we're more about memories and less about color co-ordination. Every decoration has a story, some have been handmade, and every year we add to the collection. I wouldn't change that for the world.

The only thing is we were a little torn about the tree thing. What to do? Spring the $300 for a really nice fake tree, wait until they go on sale, or buy a real one? Not sure what to do, we asked the teenager.

"Who cares if we have a tree? It's not a big deal. Actually, we don't really have to do presents either! Just give me cash and we'll go Boxing Day shopping. We have each other and good food, what else will we really need?"

So we dug out the tiny, two foot high tree that graced our table top for his first Christmas all those years ago in a snowy Campbell River, perched it on a table, and have assembled presents below. It seems a little forlorn sitting there, but we wrapped some lights through it's branches and found some tiny ornaments amongst the decorations.

Over the weekend we sat together by the fire; curled up in warm blankets, sipping hot chocolate, and I realized that my son is a wise boy.

The tree doesn't make Christmas, we do.

Being together really IS all we need.

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