Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Things This Week

This week has been full of random bits here and there, so today I'm going all bullety on you!

*If you ever buy an HP laptop, keep your receipt. You see, HP calculates their 1 year warranty based on the date your computer was manufactured, not the date you register it. If you keep your reciept and can prove when you bought your computer, they will extend your warranty to that date.

So keep it, people. Especially since our battery AND charger/adapter both died a month before the warranty was up, and I've spent my week on the phone to HP trying to get it fixed.

*It's been cold here. Not just a little bit cold, but "Oh Lord my nose is going to freeze off" cold. If you live in Calgary I KNOW that you were the second coldest place on Earth next to Antarctic, so don't throw things at me. I'm a certified coastal wimp.

We had snow too, which was great fun. Fortunately my husband is all kinds of awesome-sauce (as Kevin would say) and put snow tires on my car on Saturday, which really came in handy when I was stuck behind some elderly woman with summer tires on her car, going 20 km/hr through the curves of the Sunshine Coast highway on the way to Pender Harbour.

More snow is on the way, and Kevin is offering small sacrifices and prayers to the weather Gods for a day off from school.

*The other day the school field was inundated with an entire herd of about 20 elk. By the time I got to the windows, all I saw was a bunch of elk ass. They were mooning us.

*I still haven't found my keys. Shut up.

*However, I have found the most amazing lemon square recipe in the history of lemon squares. I had to beg, and then bribe, a student to give it to me. I can't wait to make them.

*Last Friday I spent a day at a hospital with Hubs as he had some tests done, and I learned a few things:

1. People who accost you on the street can turn the tears on and off in a nanosecond
2. Dr. Oz isn't a good show to watch in a hospital waiting room
3. all the good magazines are pilfered into the bowels of the actual hospital
4. Not eating all day=starving, which means ferry burgers suddenly become really tasty
5. Even when feeling like crap my Hubs still has to tell me HOW TO DRIVE.

*My co-workers are telling me I'm all cookie talk and no cookie action. I'd better do some baking. Well, that and the cookie stash is low, which makes Hubs kinda squirrely.

*I DID find my watch and my cell phone charger, but lost my work keys. Yes that brings the lost key count to TWO sets.

*Oh! Notes From the Cookie Jar now has a Facebook page. Head on over if you are interested, there's recipes and fun stuff over there! Go ahead and start a discussion, ask me questions, upload photos of your recipes you've tried, share tips and tricks, have fun!

And if any of you find my keys, let me know. They're here somewhere.... (scratches head)

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