Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Raise Your Glass

November Flowers in the Sun

I had stepped out the door to photograph some leaves-really, I did, but as I walked down the street our neighbor's flowers caught my eye. The bright orange seemed so at home for fall, but then again it's November. We shouldn't have flowers still. We should have rain, possibly snow, and here's flowers? What's with that?

These days I feel like I've resurfaced after a year with my head down, plowing ahead as best I can. I'm still finding my feet with getting everything done-the laundry, cooking, school lunches, writing, and more. It seems odd to have more time and yet I always have no problem filling it, even when the clocks are turned back and I supposedly 'gain' an hour.

This picture is how I'm feeling. Sunny, full of hope, and happy. So happy.

If you haven't yet and you live in the Toronto area (or somewhere thereabouts), make sure to enter my draw for a ticket to see Jamie Oliver live. I have one ticket and you don't even have to do much, except leave your name and an email here. You can enter every day, even. After midnight tomorrow, I will pick a winner and you'll get an e-ticket.

The winner is also invited to take photos and then write a guest post for Notes From the Cookie Jar, if they like. Make sure you say hello to Jamie if you can and tell him that *I* sent you.

Be happy. Hug your friends. Enjoy the small things. And like this Blissdom Canada video (I can't stop talking about it, I know! You're sick of me, I'm sure), raise your glass.

Psst...I'm in there. Did you see me?


I haven't ever been paid or given free product from Jamie Oliver or any of his team to promote his books, food revolution, or his brand. My opinions are completely my own. I support his cause and therefore, I have volunteered my services to promote Food Revolution. In the case of the contest, I was offered a media pass from the Art of Cooking to attend the event but had to decline because of the $600 airfare (gah!) and family so then I asked if I could give away a ticket to one of my readers instead.

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